Peppers Cable Glands new Quick Response Cell guarantees industry leading delivery times

For seventy-five years, Peppers Cable Glands has specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of what are widely regarded as one of the best cable gland products and enclosure accessories on the market.

Always investing in the future, Peppers’ new Quick Response Cell is a forward-thinking and automated system, designed to provide their customers with faster lead times, particularly last minute and emergency orders, and improve service delivery.

“We’re excited about this investment and the benefits it will bring to our customers. Our aim is to provide exceptional service and meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. This investment allows us to do just that”. Tush Thakore, Managing Director

One of the standout benefits of the Quick Response Cell is its ability to process customer orders more efficiently. With this advanced system, Peppers can reduce lead times, ensuring their customers receive their products when they need them. This efficiency is critical in today’s fast-paced business environment where delays can cost both time and money.

Quick Response Cell highlights

  • Respond to ever-changing customer needs
  • React to market conditions
  • Adapt to fluctuating demand

“The Quick Response Cell also allows us to respond more agilely to fluctuating customer needs and market conditions. By leveraging automation, we can quickly adapt to changing demand, ensuring we are always ready and able to meet our customers’ requirements”. Grayham Churchouse, Sales Manager.

The launch of the Quick Response Cell marks a significant step forward in Peppers’ mission to provide world-class service to their customers. It’s not just about staying ahead of the competition—it’s about building strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers and delivering on the promise of quality, reliability, and innovation.

Contact details

Peppers Cable Glands Limited
Stanhope Road – Camberley
Surrey – GU15 3BT – United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0) 1276 64232

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