GEMÜ Introduces the New Innovative Solution to Water Hammer or Vapour Pressure Surge

Pressure surges are recurrent problems that occur as a result of turning on pumps, changes in temperatures of enclosed liquids or switching the valves too rapidly. This could damage the plant components and cause the shut-off valves to accidentally open for a brief moment. The medium may then get contaminated which leads to product loss or downtime due to necessary repairs. GEMÜ has developed the 652 Pulsation Damper to compensate pressure and volume fluctuations. Based on tried and tested diaphragm valve technology and reliable actuator design, this new innovative solution is CIP/SIP capable and totally drainable. To absorb and compensate the pressure surge, the GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper’s main function is to dampen as much volume as possible within a specific operating range. The body is designed without a sealing weir and therefore the actual expansion volume is compensated by the moving diaphragm. This ingenious solution by GEMÜ will solve multiple problems in many varied applications. Please contact us to speak to one of our local product specialists for further information about this product.

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