The New GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper – Putting You in Control!

GEMÜ introduces the new 652 Pulsation Damper, an innovative solution to compensate pressure and volume fluctuations such as water hammer or vapour pressure surges that often happen in many production plants. Developed based on the tried and tested diaphragm valve technology and reliable actuator design, the GEMÜ 652 is designed for use in sterile applications and therefore it is CIP/SIP and autoclave capable. Moreover, it is also suitable for use with corrosive liquid and gaseous media applications. The main function of the GEMÜ 652 is to dampen as much volume as possible within a specific operating range. Dampening larger volumes can be achieved by installing multiple pulsation dampers in the series. The body is designed without a sealing weir (full bore design), and for this reason, it won’t shut off the media, so the actual expansion volume is compensated by the moving diaphragm. The GEMÜ 652 is self-acting as its function is accomplished solely using a spring force, therefore it does not require an electric or pneumatic supply. This ingenious solution by GEMÜ will solve multiple problems in many varied applications – putting you in control of your plants.

GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper

For more information about the GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper, please see below:

>> GEMÜ 652 product flyer

>> Technical data-sheet

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