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Pharmaceutical and biotech experts of Körber Group present joint portfolio in 24/7 online virtual showroom

Hamburg, September 11, 2020 – One of the leading solution providers for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry is bundling its competencies and presenting itself on the market with immediate effect under the Körber brand. This means: Medipak Systems becomes Körber. The new market presence is going to be celebrated with a virtual showroom, where customers from all over the world will be able to learn more about Körber‘s growing portfolio in Pharma.

The Different Types of Screws and When to Use Them

Screws are potentially one of the most important aspects of DIY and building. When looking around your house, you’ll find that countless pieces of furniture, fixtures, doors and cabinets use screws to keep everything together. That means that when making repairs, you’re most likely to come across screws to take things apart and replace items.

With how necessary screws are to DIY, it’s also important to know that there are many different types of screws. There are so many different varieties that they all can’t be discussed within a single article. Regardless, it’s still useful to learn about the common types of screws, what they’re used for and how to best deal with them. This may seem like an arbitrary topic for some, but in truth, there are crucial instances where the right or wrong screw can be the difference between stability and total collapse of the project.

GEMÜ develops the world’s first Single-Use diaphragm valve

Pre-prepared Single-Use sterile production equipment that can be quickly installed and used enables Pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce fast, safe and flexible batch production. Pinch valves are often used but can sometimes damage tubing.

4 Reasons Your Renovation Project Should Consider Your Heat-ing

Home renovations are a great way to upgrade your home and can even improve your life in many ways. Home renovations are useful if you do not want to move because they can make the house more attractive and comfortable to live in, but they are also a smart way to add value to your home if you have plans to sell at any time, so they are always worth considering. There are many different home renovation projects to consider, but before you get started, you must always consider your heating as this could have a big impact on the project. Read on to find out why.

The Newtec Mini Weigher:

Accurate weighing of small, fragile convenience food

The Newtec 2008PCM Mini Weigher has become a popular choice for accurate, high-speed weighing of a range of processed food products such as fresh and dried fruit, snacks and small frozen foods. The engineer behind the technology explains why. Newtec has been a leading manufacturer of weighing, sorting and packing equipment since the 1970s. When the company and its dealer JASA realised the demand for a weighing machine that could gently handle multiple portions of small processed food products and combine them in a ready-to- eat package, Newtec’s mechanical engineer and Head of Construction Department, Bo Zierau immediately got involved with the project.

Don’t get complacent when it comes to Arc Flash

For those working in the industrial electrical sector, the risks of Arc Flash incidents have always been better understood than in many other industries. Working with high and low votalges on a daily basis means that knowledge across the sector is noticeably higher compared with similar industries that are also at risk of the danger. However, it appears that there’s a new danger emerging when it comes to Arc Flash, which takes the shape of a false sense of security.


Right along the oil and gas supply chain – from extraction through to delivery to the end user – safety is the number one concern.

When an operator wants to isolate a pipeline, whether this is part of the routine operation of a facility, to carry out maintenance, or in response to a potential crisis, it’s critical that the valve used is 100 per cent effective.

Vacuum and Closure Detection – Food & Beverage Applications

ADR-50D Inspection Systems using positive contact technology provide more precise detection vacuum and miniscule mechanical canning faults at variable line speeds up to 2000cpm to maintain optimum consumer satisfaction and product loyalty supplied at a competitive cost.

Feedwater Optimisation Manual Vs Automatic Dosing Regulation

Diaphragm driven metering pumps have been the stalwart choice for dosing treatment chemicals ever since the Economic Boiler replaced the Lancashire and Cornish boilers.

Once the stroke length and stroke rate have been manually adjusted they are left to quietly get on with dosing chemicals with minimum intervention. To err on the side of caution, they always need to be set at a higher dosing rate than the theoretical to provide a ‘Buffer’ against variations in steam load and feedwater temperature.


The range of Labfacility thermocouple and PRT sensors meets the needs of virtually any application. Standard configurations or custom made assemblies are offered in all of the widely used calibrations, type J,K,N,R,S and B.

Depending on the choice of sensor type and sheath materials, temperature ratings of up to 1750oC are available with single or duplex elements.

Exporta – New, Refreshed and Revitalised

Exporta, the UK’s Product Handling Experts have just gone through a brand refresh to make it very clear as to what they do and what they stand for whilst keeping focus on the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Almatec® C-Series – the Cost-Effective Plastic AODD Pump

In 1984, Almatec® introduced its AD Series AODD Pump to the processing market. AD Series pumps were truly revolutionary as they featured an industry-first compact “closed” design that made them Almatec’s trademark model. However, a recent industry trend toward developing and offering cost-effective pumps prompted Almatec to consider the creation of a less expensive alternative. The result is the new Almatec C-Series AODD Pump, which is being billed as the “New Original.”

PPE manufacturer uses Tinytag data loggers for quality control and quality validation

Protective glove manufacturer Midas Safety use Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers to monitor the conditions required for compliance with quality testing standards including EN 388:2016 and ASTM F2992.

7 Benefits of Laser Cutting Metal

In metal fabrication, laser cutting is arguably the most used process, offering flexibility, precision and speed.

That being said, there are still many who use other techniques such as the more traditional sawing and other modern methods including water jet cutting, power scissors and thermal cutting.

If you are one those that is still on the fence about this go-to metal cutting technology, keep reading to discover the top seven benefits of laser cutting metal.

Static Electricity and grounding in the industrial workplace.

Static electricity refers to the presence of a non-neutral electric charge. Static electricity can be created when two objects of different material come into frictional contact with each other, resulting in the migration of electrons, known as the triboelectric effect.

The difference in charge between the two objects is referred to as the potential difference or voltage. The more negatively charged object will want to disperse its excess electrons to a more positively charged object and thus equalise the charge between the objects.

Laser welding of otoscopes and other reusable medical instruments


The production of specialized medical instruments such as otoscopes often involves only small to medium batch sizes that frequently incorporate a large number of optional variations. The fabrication is often performed at contract welding companies. These contract shops therefore require machines that are particularly flexible with short set-up times and that support a wide range of welds – from µm to mm welds.

TF Automation design New Plasma Treat Machines for Automotive Client

TF Automation were commissioned by Kostal to design and build two plasma treat machines to address the increase in demand for cleaning new automotive switch products.

Kostal commissioned TF Automation to design two identical plasma treat machines to clean the surfaces of a switch assembly. Under the touch sensitive switch or button there is a capacitive foil and to ensure good performance the bonding between the switch and foil is critical with no moisture or air bubbles. To prepare the switch for capacitive foil bonding, the plastic elements required to be plasma-cleaned to remove any moisture and impurities.

Tinytag Data Loggers: A simple solution for process monitoring and quality validation

Tinytag data loggers are used across the manufacturing sector to put valuable process, quality and energy data at the fingertips of manufacturers.

Tinytags combine simple and robust design with high accuracy to provide manufacturers with a cost-effective, reliable and straightforward measuring device, which is trusted to monitor critical processes, enhance quality testing and help save energy.

SICK SensorApps Help People to Keep their Distance

Responding to the need for technologies to slow the spread of Covid-19, SICK has developed PeopleCounter and DistanceGuard SensorApps which help to ensure that people keep to the recommended distance apart in working and public spaces.

CBM calls for urgent industry stimulus packages and a reverse job retention scheme

A group that represents over 200 companies from the metalforming sector believes the Chancellor has missed an opportunity to protect thousands of manufacturing positions by not implementing industry stimulus packages and failing to adopt a reverse job retention scheme.

The Confederation of British Metalforming (CBM) is urging the Government to stop delaying support that key sectors will inevitably need if they are going to recover from the economic shock of Covid-19.

GEMÜ’s Automatic CIP/SIP Valve – The Perfect Workhorse for Steam Sterilization of Solids

GEMÜ offers a compact and fast acting workhorse for CIP, SIP, condensate and water applications. The GEMÜ 550 actuated angle seat globe valve has a stainless steel actuator, proven to be reliable throughout a long service life. In a successful application of steam sterilization of solids that deactivate unwanted micro-organisms using a combined effect of steam and pressure, GEMÜ 550 valves are installed in the condensate line, airline and in the refrigerant circuit.

Making space for a return to work

Antony Hunt, explains how his business, Smart-Space, is helping many organisations in the UK return to work with the addition of some much-needed, instant extra space…

How leasing furniture can support business development when cashflow is tight

How do you invest in the equipment your business needs during uncertain times? Finance leasing from AJ Products can provide the answer.

Keep workers safe and observe Social Distancing rules with the help of ASG

ASG Services recognises the intense pressure everyone in the manufacturing and warehousing industries is under currently, juggling the need to maintain operations at peak efficiency while ensuring the safety of their workforce.

SMB Bearings sponsors Great Britain rowing record attempt

Ceramic bearing specialist, SMB Bearings has partnered with ocean rowers, Gus Barton and Duncan Roy as they attempt to break the world record for the fastest unsupported row around Great Britain. SMB Bearings will be sponsoring the rowing duo by providing two sets of full ceramic bearings for their adjustable rowing boat seats.

New HSE fume testing guidelines during pandemic

The HSE has recently updated its guidelines with regards to Thorough Examination & Testing (TExT) of dust and fume extraction equipment during the pandemic. In brief it covers the following points:

Viro Tech

What is Viro Tech?

Viro Tech is a range of Professional Ozone/ UV Sanitising Systems which can eliminate up to 99.99% of surface bound and airborne viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens.

An increase in fastener demand to support the medical equipment manufacturing sector during the Covid-19 pandemic

For over 25 years, TR Fastenings has been working with leading healthcare organisations and their subcontractors as a total solution provider of fasteners and cat c products. TR has geared up its capacity to support the medical technology industry during this critical time.

PTC extends alliance with Rockwell Automation and Microsoft to launch ‘Factory Insights as a Service’

Three of the world’s leading specialists on industrial innovation have joined forces to  launch a new solution that will help manufacturers achieve a 90% reduction in development time and increased speed to market.

CBM highlights importance of industry stimulus packages and urges Government to review loans if sector is to sustainably recover

Confederation of British Metalforming (CBM) members have called for industry stimulus packages and a review of the viability tests on Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans (CBILS).

Digital twins, link reality to the Industrial Internet of Things

Digital twins are software representations of industrial equipment and assets, underpinning the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and are vital to many systems used in design and operation of industrial plant. Mikael Rudin, Digital Strategy and Architectures, ABB Industrial Automation, discusses how in the future, the functionality of these systems will be improved by machine learning, making smart machines even smarter. Autonomous operation will then become a realistic prospect, enabling completely new ways of operating equipment and plant.

RRC Live Online Courses

RRC have created a new course delivery option that blends the dynamic of classroom based learning with RRC’s highly regarded Online Learning. RRC are now offering Live Online courses for:

  • NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety
  • NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management
  • IOSH Managing Safely

RDM Group pivots to provide PPE support to the frontline and business

The company behind driverless pods and an autonomous luggage dolly for the aviation sector has pivoted operations to support the UK’s search for additional PPE.

Introducing GreCon

GreCon Limited is located just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne and is a member of the Fagus-GreCon Group.  With a wealth of experience as a global market leader, GreCon demonstrates a strong understanding of customer needs and provides turnkey solutions for a wide variety of industries including wood manufacturing, recycling, biomass, pharmaceutical, food, hygiene and more.

Access Control and Time and Attendance Solutions in the COVID-19 Era.

Contact-free Biometric Technology for use in the Manufacturing and Associated Industries.

The wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) — helmets, gloves, masks and goggles are commonplace within engineering and industrial settings – but this may now be a prerequisite when following the COVID19 guidelines. What’s more, employees may need to be identified and authenticated prior to entering their place of work via access control or time and attendance technology.

REMBE Safety Days Digital Home Edition – Success event continues via video conference

In recent years, the ‘REMBE Safety Days’ series of events has repeatedly made Brilon a meeting place for global explosion safety and process safety.  The content of the events was to present and discuss current topics in these areas as well as to create a platform for networking. In November 2019, 150 participants from five continents were welcomed to the Sauerland region. Unfortunately, no live events can take place due to the current situation. In order to nevertheless enable such an important exchange of knowledge, REMBE is offering a digital version of the REMBE Safety Days.