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Croft Filters – Quality custom filtration solutions to various industries

Based in Warrington, England, Croft Filters are a UK leading manufacturer who specialise in high-quality bespoke filtration solutions. The Company has been supplying filters to a variety of diverse industrial sectors worldwide for over 34 years, which enables Croft to deliver a high level of expertise and consultancy to solve different filtration problems faced by different industries and engineering firms.

Diagnostic Tools That Will Revolutionize Industrial Network Maintenance

Preventing unplanned stoppages and simplifying troubleshooting is high on the agenda for anyone maintaining an industrial network. So, today’s launch of not one but ten new diagnostic and monitoring tools by Procentec is sure to spark widespread interest in the Industrial Automation Market.

Cablevey Conveyors

Cablevey Conveyors has engineered a superior system for conveying specialty fragile materials. Relying on almost 50 years and countless hours of technical experience, we are focused on optimizing enclosed tubular cable and disc conveying of 900+ products (mostly fragile) in 66 countries.

Thielco: Innovation anchored in tradition.

From being one of the first European companies to deploy mechanical zinc plating, surface treatment specialist Thielco Staalindustrie B.V has always looked to lead the way for its customers. Now, celebrating its 70th anniversary, the company is once again keeping ahead with the opening of a fully automated production line, which will enable it to produce on a zero defects level with perfect traceability.

50 Year old product makes dramatic comeback to help beat the virus

When the Melaphone Speech Unit was designed 50 years ago for the booking offices at British Rail stations, nobody could have predicted that half a century later it would suddenly be in such high demand.

24VDC UPS with integrated Li-Ion battery protects against plant downtime and data loss

Bicker Elektronik presents UPSI-2406DP1 with durable Li-Ion backup, bridging power failures, brownouts and flicker in 24VDC supply network. The DC UPS modules are approved to IEC/UL/CSA 61010-1 / -2-201 and ideal for long-term use in switch cabinets and decentralized self-sufficient solutions. The new intelligent UPSI-2406DP1 protects industrial and medical PCs, controls, motor drives, sensors, measurement devices, safety technology, etc.

Protect Business Critical Equipment with Citadel™ Outdoor Steel Cabinets

Manufactured by Glasdon, the Citadel range of IP rated steel equipment cabinets are designed to offer a quality, cost-effective solution to the housing of electrical equipment, metering and monitoring devices and network technologies.

Available in five industry standard sizes, with the option to have ventilation or without for IP56 rated protection, Citadel cabinets are versatile to meet the demands of industrial and commercial applications.

Cutting the Fat from your Process

We all want to find a streamlined way to get rid of waste. No one wants to be weighed down by waste and since it can appear in numerous forms within production, eliminating it from a process entirely takes a trained eye. Rising food disposal costs, staffing, and the pressure to implement leaner operations have left many considering new solutions. Luckily, there are areas where processors can optimize performance to ensure an efficient, and effective process.

Amplifiers Digital Indicators Wireless Modules

OEM solutions for manufacturers of Transducers / Sensors Load-cells / Strain-gauges Instrumentation Systems.

Asset Instruments Engineering

Advanced Interconnections Corp

Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers provide an ultra-low profile, lightweight solution for loading socket or adapter terminals on a PC board. The flexible insulator can be easily removed for complete solder joint visibility or left in place for added stability.

Shining a light on innovative solutions to energy-efficency

Suresense Technologies Ltd has been offering uniquely innovative energysaving solutions to the food industry for the last decade. Being a UK manufacturer, Suresense owns all its intellectual property thus the products on offer cannot be acquired anywhere else.

New: IGA-003-MC Binary Gas Sorption Analyzer

Hiden Isochema announces the release of the IGA-003-MC, for the fast and accurate determination of binary gas sorption isotherms. The IGA-003-MC is a turnkey system, featuring a gravimetric analyzer, coupled mass spectrometer, and an optimized gas delivery and sampling system.  The IGA-003-MC uses the recently developed Integral Mass Balance (IMB) method, which represents a major advance in sorption analysis techniques.

New COVID-19 Management Features for EntroWatch Access Control

The latest version of EntroWatch includes several new features to help make buildings COVID-19 Secure. EntroWatch is the award-winning access control software for Entro series door controllers and contactless card readers and keypads. The new COVID-19 management features include occupancy management, temperature & mask screening and contact tracing.

Cablevey Conveyors

Cablevey Conveyors, a family owned company, was founded in 1971 to service the agriculture industry primarily conveying grain and seed. Headquartered in Oskaloosa, Iowa, the center of the grain belt, allowed the company to offer complete customer satisfaction for this important industry. The success in the USA turned international with product distributed throughout over 65 countries. Over 40 years of reliably conveying products led Cablevey to engineer and build high qualityindustrial conveying systems.


Coax valves UK are proud to introduce the new FMX range of compact, high flow, stainless steel externally controlled valves. With a new unique floating seat arrangement giving greater flow than comparable valves:

High performance data logger systems for individual needs

T&D Corporation offers data logger solutions for measuring temperature, humidity, milliampere, voltage, pulse and more

Japanese market leader T&D Corporation presents monitoring solutions adaptable to individual needs, and ideally suited to logging various conditions in medical and laboratory surroundings, as well as in the food and transport sector. T&D designs versatile wireless data logger systems, such as the RTR-500 series, the Bluetooth featured WiFi logger TR-7 series and the easy-to-use Bluetooth logger TR4-series, as well as appropriate software applications. The company’s efficient solutions provide error-free workflow and documentation.


At FLEETLOC8, we work hard to provide a first class service for businesses looking to run more efficiently whilst maintaining safer control over staff and asset management. We believe that by investing just £12.95 a month in FLEETCAM, our vehicle tracking technology you can reduce your operational costs, increase staff and asset control while giving your business the edge in your industry sector

Pumping Caramel

Caramel can be a challenging material to extract, particularly when delivered in one tonne totes. One of the ways the Burtons Biscuits came up with, was to put totes into a warm room to enable the caramel to flow easier from the tote via a pump then into a hopper. However, they found that one of the main drawbacks on this process of totes was that the caramel would stick to the inside walls of the tote as the pump sucked out the caramel.


Bondloc UK Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 British Manufacturer of Industrial adhesives with over 25 years’ experience in adhesive manufacturing. Our products are used in the most demanding applications within the engineering and manufacturing industry.

ISO 20560: a global standard to identify pipe contents!

A new, global ISO 20560 norm is now available to standardise the identification of hidden and often hazardous pipe contents in factories and facilities. Compliant pipe markers are already offered by Brady Corporation. Join the webinar and learn how ISO 20560 pipe markers can make your plant safer!

Product launch: Cost-optimised and lightweight 3D Ensenso cameras

With the models Ensenso N40 and N45, IDS launches new 3D cameras that are perfectly suited for collaborative applications. The housing is made of plastic composite material, which turns them into the most lightweight stereo vision cameras with Gigabit Ethernet in the IDS product range. When mounted on a robot arm, for example, this means less stress on the robot mechanics. The haptics of the plastic surface and rounded edges also help to minimize the risk of injuries.

New Diagnostic Products Aim High: Full Control of Your Industrial Network

More overview, more insight and total network control. That’s what Procentec is promising the Industrial Automation Market with its product launch on 17 November, just a few days before this year’s SPS Connect.

Snickers Workwear Sustainable Merino Wool Clothing

Mulesing-free, 100% All-natural and sustainable undergarments. Stay warm or cool in our 100% All-Natural Merino Wool mid- and base-layer clothes that deliver optimal comfort for all kinds of working environments and leisure activities when the weather gets chilly.

GEMÜ SUMONDO – Putting You in Control!

The application of Single-Use disposable products not only enables Pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce fast and safe batch production but also require significantly less time to replace compared to the cleaning and sterilization processes (CIP/SIP) in a conventional plant.

Sage announces End Of Life for Sage50 Manufacturing: A reaction from Sapmanv12

The announcement from Sage that they have decided to end of life Sage50 Manufacturing comes as no great surprise to specialist ERP/MRP software suppliers.

Viper Wire Rope Lubricators Increase Life of Wire Rope Assets by up to 300%

Viper WRL, an Australian owned company, manufactures and supplies wire rope lubrication equipment to the marine, petrochemical, mining and manufacturing industries.

RAM Universal

RAM Universal offer a wealth of knowledge to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical market offering high quality fluoropolymer lined valves, pumps and pipeline equipment, all products are lined with either virgin or antistatic PTFE or PFA. Our engineered products are used to transport and manage highly corrosive, environment critical, high-purity and other difficult to manage fluids in the most challenging applications.

The new Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager detects electrical discharge and pinpoints air, gas and vacuum leaks with greater sensitivity

The new Fluke™ ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager uniquely enables the detection of corona and partial discharge from a safe distance of up to 120 metres. Teams can operate safely, minimise the risk of fires and help reduce outages. It also offers greater sensitivity to detect compressed air, gas, and vacuum system leaks, again reducing potentially costly downtime. More information can be found at

Gen-C restores EDL’s power at the height of the pandemic

When vandals damaged the CHP control panels at EDL’s Wellingborough landfill site, rendering the engines unusable, the timing could not have been worse. One week before Easter 2020, the coronavirus pandemic was sweeping the UK and the country had just been placed into an unprecedented nationwide lockdown. Site managers anticipated a significant period of downtime but thanks to a swift response from gas engine support specialist Gen-C, the upgraded engines were back up and running within just two weeks and are now performing better than ever.

Why Embracing Tech is Vital to your Business Success

The success of your business really is reliant on a huge range of factors. In this day and age, there are countless forms of technology out there that are designed to improve your customer relations, your exposure and even your communication too. Above all else, technology can help you to empower your business and ultimately be way more creative while maintaining a high level of creativity overall.

Chell’s Environmental Chamber Puts Gas Meters Through Real-World Paces

Gas control and measurement experts Chell Instruments have launched a new Environmental Chamber which allows gas meters to be tested using hazardous gases.

The GMTS2000 builds on the success of the company’s line of gas meter test equipment and enables safe testing using flammable and explosive gases which better represent the gases which meters are intended to carry.


When drilling holes, the annular cutter works faster than twist drills and leaves clean, burr-free holes with efficient chip clearance, less chatter, decreased cutter breakage and increased drilling productivity without pre-drilling or step-drilling.

Karnasch HARD-LINE carbide-tipped annular cutters are available from ATA Garryson in cutting depths of 40mm, 55mm, 80mm, 110mm and 150mm, in diameters from 12mm to 200mm.


GRAPHALLOY®, a graphite/metal alloy, is a proprietary material that works where traditional bearings often fail.  It is particularly useful where petroleum lubricants cannot be used, for example, at high temperatures and in submerged applications.

Imagine needing an extrusion, but in steel or stainless steel. How could that be made?

Welser customers use our world leading roll-forming technology to take steels, stainless steels and other materials to the next level – thousands of metres of tightly toleranced, bespoke metal profiles designed specifically to meet their requirements.

Croft Filters – High quality bespoke filtration solutions

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 34 years who specialises in providing high-quality bespoke filtration solutions. The Company supplies a variety of industry sectors, ranging from Chemical, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation to the Engineering industry.

SICK’s on the Level with its CQF Capacitive Sensor

Compact, economic and quick to install, SICK’s CQF16 capacitive level sensor has been developed to provide a universal, non-contact solution wherever the fill level of water-based liquids must be detected in non-metallic vessels, tanks or pipes.

The robust, ECOLAB-certified SICK CQF16 level sensor is supplied with a one-clip mounting bracket that can be fastened securely to the wall of any pipe or container. Using the capacitive measurement principle, it accurately detects water-based media regardless of foam, moisture or deposit build-up on the inside of the vessel.