X3 Chain – the next generation of Roller Chain

Launched in 2022, Donghua’s X3 chain is a cutting-edge advancement in roller chain. X3 is not just a solution, it’s a deluxe answer to the challenges of chain wear, fatigue, corrosion, high speed, lubrication, length accuracy and strength, faced by industries.

At the heart of the design of X3 lies the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group’s commitment to excellence. Designed to surpass traditional roller chain performance, X3 chain represents a shift in durability, efficiency and reliability, setting new benchmarks for roller chain.

Exceptional performance

The chain delivers three times the performance in wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and high-speed performance when compared to traditional roller chains. This exceptional performance is a testament to Donghua’s commitment to product development.

Cutting-edge features

The hardened, shot-blasted plate shape, calibrated pin and bushing holes, special heat-treated and surface-coated pins, seamless rollers and bushings, all contribute to its outstanding wear and fatigue resistance. Combined, these elements create a chain that thrives in arduous environments, making it an ideal choice for sectors that demand high performance drives.

Premium build

Manufactured on a purpose-built production line, X3 chain represents the pinnacle of roller chain engineering. It’s unique pin coating, optimised plate geometry, and high-precision stamping set it apart as a deluxe solution for industries that use high demand drives.

Pre-loaded and pre-lubricated

To ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency, X3 chain is supplied pre-loaded and pre-lubricated, as standard.

These features, together with availability in simplex and duplex ex-stock from Donghua’s 25,000 sq ft warehouse in the West Midlands, makes X3 the next generation roller chain solution for the UK market.

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