A real marvel when it comes to distance

Small housing, big operating range: Thanks to TOF technology, the new ODT3CL1-2M compact diffuse sensor from Leuze achieves an operating range of up to two meters. The 2-in-1 sensor detects the presence of objects and at the same time transmits measurement values.

With the new ODT3CL1-2M laser diffuse sensor, the Sensor People from Leuze are extending the operating range of their 3C series distance sensors. Thanks to innovative time-of-flight (TOF) technology, the switching and measuring sensor with background suppression works with an operating range of up to two meters. This makes the ODT3CL1-2M suitable for all applications in intralogistics where long distances need to be covered: e.g. in automated guided vehicles for monitoring the position of goods, for controlling robot grippers or in quality control. Reliable use is guaranteed even under harsh conditions. This is because the sensor satisfies the high requirements of IP69K.

Practical 2-in-1 solution

As a 2-in-1 solution, the ODT3CL1-2M reduces the cost and effort for users in terms of procurement, installation, commissioning and operation. With its two independent switching points, it is able to perform detection and measurement tasks at the same time, thus solving both requirements using just one sensor. This is an advantage in  shuttle applications where they can optimally set and vary their speed via the independent switching points. This enables goods to be transported quickly to their target position.

Everything in view via IO-Link

IO-Link can be used to transmit measurement values and process data of the sensor to the machine control. This allows users to easily evaluate the comprehensive diagnostic data from the diffuse sensor – e.g. temperature information, information on signal quality and warnings. It also makes device easy to swap-out: The pre-settings are transferred to the new device via IO-Link without the sensor having to be taught in again.

Fits in any space

Thanks to its compact design (11.4 x 34.2 x 18.3 millimeters; W x H x L), the ODT3CL1-2M laser diffuse sensor can also be used where space is limited. For example, it can be used in the gripper of a robot arm, on shuttles or stacker cranes. The small, clearly visible light spot allows fast alignment during commissioning. The operating range can be set numerically via IO-Link. Another advantage of the diffuse sensor is its integrated object test. This allows the function reserve to be quickly checked.

3C series: for any operating range

With the 3C series, Leuze provides a sensor solution that is also suitable for distances of less than two meters. The ODT3C diffuse sensor is therefore ideal for operating ranges up to 150 millimeters – perfect for packaging processes, for example.

Figure 1: The ODT3CL1-2M solves detection tasks and supplies the machine control with distance information. The sensor also detects colored structured objects at a distance of up to two meters.


Figure 2: Thanks to the extremely small and space-saving housing (11.4 mm x 34.2 mm x 18.3 mm), the ODT3CL1-2M can be used in many different applications.

Figure 3: On automated guided vehicles, the ODT3CL1-2M optical sensors monitor that pallets are correctly received and transferred, for example.

Figure 4: The diffuse sensors are ideal for compartment occupation checking with shuttles. They detect whether a space to be occupied is free.

Figure 5: In addition to detecting the presence of a component, the ODT3CL1-2M laser diffuse sensor can also detect defined reference points on the component and thus check the quality. Here the sensors work reliably even with different surface structures.







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