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The use of automated, software-driven solutions such as vertical carousels, vertical lift systems, vertical Buffer modules, horizontal carousels and robotic solutions for inventory picking can slash fulfilment times, labour needs, and warehouse footprint requirements, while vastly improving throughput and worker productivity.  The goal is to use a combination of automation technologies and improved workflow processes to reduce the time required to pick, pack and ship items. Such an approach can help warehouses and distribution facilities to become more productive and competitive.

A variety of automation technologies are available to improve both the speed and accuracy of the picking process and workflow. Kardex AutoStore is the fastest order fulfilment system per square foot in the market. The system is operated by autonomous robots that move on top of an aluminium cubic grid. Within this grid, storage bins are stacked on top of each other. The robots continuously pick up, rearrange and deliver bins directly to connected ports for order picking and replenishment.

Automated storage solutions are used to improve space utilisation. By maximising the use of under-utilised overhead space from the floor to the ceiling, traditional floor space requirement can be reduced by as much as 65-85%. For many it can mean the difference between staying put or moving to larger premises. Another major factor is improved working conditions. Automated solutions are designed with the worker in mind. Not only do they help to reduce foot travel but are ergonomically designed. By bringing the goods to the person, bending, reaching and carrying is greatly reduced, which is faster and safer for staff.

Today, a variety of automation technologies and optimisation strategies are available to help warehouse operators overcome the limitations and inefficiencies of the manual approach and many are modular in nature so that they can be phased in over time. This gives warehouse managers great flexibility in terms of managing expenses and training issues and analysing ongoing results to both fine‐tune ongoing optimisation efforts and analyse return on investment (ROI).

Today, five main technology options are available for automating the storage and retrieval of individual SKUs, and for improving operational efficiency: Vertical lift modules (VLMs), Vertical carousels, Virtual Buffer Modules (VBMs), Horizontal carousels and Kardex AutoStore.  These solutions enable warehouse operators to spread investment costs over time, move certain parts of the overall inventory into the automated solutions, support staff and analyse the experience over time to determine time and labour savings. No matter what the stock, whether fast moving items, tools storage, heavy goods, or cold storage items, in the end its all about increasing efficiency and remaining competitive.

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