Efficiency Redefined: Advanced Acoustic Imaging Ensures Rapid ROI in Manufacturing Environments

Acoustic imaging provides a comprehensive solution for predictive maintenance in manufacturing environments by helping to prevent critical failures, reducing energy costs, minimizing maintenance expenses and enhancing productivity.

Most manufacturing processes rely heavily on compressed air, industrial gases and conveyor systems. An often-overlooked aspect with a significant impact on operational efficiency and financial stability is the early-stage detection of compressed air and gas leaks, as well as mechanical faults. These seemingly minor issues, if left unaddressed, can lead to substantial financial losses and operational disruptions. Acoustic imaging provides an accurate, real-time solution that nowadays extends beyond leak detection to include industrial gas quantification and early identification of mechanical faults in conveyor systems, ensuring a fast return on investment (ROI) for manufacturing facilities.

Major Savings in a Matter of Minutes
In a recent case study, a manufacturing company with a sprawling 6,500 m2 facility witnessed the effectiveness of acoustic imaging technology first-hand, as the FLIR acoustic camera effortlessly identified 155 leaks in the compressed air system, revealing potential losses amounting to a staggering 11,000 USD. The sheer speed at which the acoustic imager operated, detecting a leak every 2.5 minutes, highlighted its efficiency. The estimated ROI was projected to be achieved within 4 to 6 months, underlining the acoustic camera’s capability to deliver tangible financial benefits swiftly.

At an automotive plant, the FLIR camera promptly pinpointed not only compressed air leaks but also elusive specialty gas leaks like Argon and CO2. In a brief 10-minute inspection, 5 specialty gas leaks were detected, and their exact locations displayed instantly. The on-device cost estimate showcased annual savings of approximately 12,500 USD, and together with the improved energy efficiency accomplished through detecting and addressing compressed air leaks, the ROI on the acoustic camera acquisition was estimated to be achieved within just 2 months.

Comprehensive Predictive Maintenance with Game-Changing Capabilities
The new FLIR Si2-LD goes beyond regular leak detection provided by previous generation acoustic cameras, offering improved performance and a comprehensive solution for predictive maintenance in manufacturing environments. In addition to compressed air, the Si2 is able to quantify leaks for several industrial gases, including methane, natural gas, ammonia, hydrogen, helium, and argon. Its advanced capabilities also enable the quick detection and measurement of mechanical faults that could potentially lead to critical issues in conveyor systems and components, such as bearings, rollers and idlers, ultimately causing costly production disruptions or safety hazards. By identifying these issues early on, the Si2 ensures that corrective measures can be taken proactively. This prevents unplanned downtime and additional costs while also safeguarding personnel and enabling manufacturing facilities to maximize their efficiency.

To learn more about the FLIR Si2-LD acoustic imager for leak and mechanical fault detection, please visit our website at www.flir.com/Si2-LD.

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