In-line filter devices designed to suite your needs……

Helapet offer a complete solution in the design, on site manufacture, and delivery of our inline disk filtration devices, allowing you peace of mind that your filters will come from a quality company.

Our services are available across our full range of custom designed filters, allowing for the right filter for your application to be produced. Our on-site clean area for filter production ensures products are free from many of the contaminants that would render them ineffective, especially media.

Helapet serve clients across the globe primarily in the medical, printing, laboratory, and environmental markets, and include…

  • Gas Analyser Filters
  • Vacuum Pump Filters
  • Autoclave Filters
  • Pipette and Syringe Filters
  • Inkjet Filters

….and many more!

With hundreds of filter configurations to choose from, we can be sure to find a filter to suite your specific requirement. Speak to our experts today to learn more on +44(0)1582 501980 or email

Standard or custom

Custom or Standard

Producing standard parts which are off the shelf containing our most requested combinations these are available for next day delivery.

For a customised solution choose our Varidisk® production service, ideal for those searching for a specific application providing a design to delivery solution, we consult with our experts at every stage using our experience to find the ideal solution.

By using our extensive range of media and connectors we are able to filter the broadest range of substances while our connectors are chosen to maintain a strong connection with equipment.



We choose to use virgin polypropylene when moulding due to it being a low linting plastic that can withstand high pressures and temperatures.

Offering a range of different colours means we can meet modern product design elements for unique equipment.

Design and testing

manufacturing and testing

As part of our services we design in house using the latest CAD packages. Drawings are provided for you to visualise your filter and make comments before samples are made.

Testing filters is also a strong part of the service, making sure that these filters meet and exceed your requirements, the tests we perform are available on our website, and can be requested with your order.


By producing our filters to meet ISO 13485 accreditation in an onsite clean area we maintain these quality standards offering individual packing for these devices in our Class 10,000 cleanroom.

Our unique size and service allows us to produce low volumes at competitive prices with no minimum order quantity, from 10 to 1000 we can produce free samples for you in just a few short days.

To ensure the performance of our filters we use the latest injection moulding technology to form the connections, over moulding to seal the housing.

State of the art ultrasonic welding means our media is secured without the use of chemicals. The technology also means substances enter the media and avoid costly by pass.



As an OEM provider our tampo printing technology means we can print logos and information straight onto the filters, ensuring your branding is consistent throughout product ranges.

Our etching technology prints lot numbers recording traceability across our process controls.

Industry Segments

Industry Segments covered by our filtration product ranges:


–          Autoclave – Ensure sterility of air intake in the drying process

–          Vacuum suction – Bacterial filter

–          Nitric Oxide inhalation – Sterility and particulate and bacteria free gas to protect patient

–          Aspirators – Ensure the sterility of air

–          Anaesthesiology – Ensure a clear flow and maintain a particle free air supply

–          Sigmoidoscopy – Protection from bodily fluids upon examination

–          Endoscope – Protection from the back flow of bodily fluids



–          Pump protection – For the removal of particulates before ink is goes into the pump

–          Damper – To ensure a correct and regulated flow of ink so that it does not ruin the quality

–          Capsule filter – To be the main particulate filter for the ink to ensure a quality print.

–          Ink clarification


Air and Pneumatic

–          Particulate and chemical removal – Protecting switches and also intakes and electrical circuits

–          Compressor – These can be used for clean functioning so the pump does not get clogged


Gas and smoke

–          Analysers – Filtering of gas intake to protect sensitive detectors from both moisture and particles

–          Inline protection – For regulating flow of gas and purification of this

–          Testing – Smoke



–          Liquid clarification – Ensure these liquids are clear for manufacture, process of removing unwanted particles

–          Sterile Venting of fumes – Protection of staff from harmful particles and chemicals

–          Vacuum pump protection – Bacterial and also the back flow of powder

–          Incubators – Supply of sterile air

–          Pipette – Sterile samples and prevent mixing



–          Clarification

–          Particulate removal


Enquire today!


To talk to one of our experts today and start constructing your filter, visit our website and fill out our enquiry form. If your product is a stock item we provide next day delivery, and offer FREE samples for trialling.

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