Oliver Hydcovalves Supports Hydrogen Production

Oliver Hydcovalves is excited to be suppling a large number of its PN16 flanged single isolate ball valves to Hydrogen production projects in the North of England.

The advancement of hydrogen technology presents an exciting solution to the world’s future energy needs, and the reliance on safe and reliable ancillary products such as valves to facilitate the transition is as critical now than ever before. This is where Oliver Hydcovalves is leading the charge. Energy industries and OEMs are investing heavily in hydrogen applications, and it will require more large-scale production and storage facilities to help meet the growing appetite for hydrogen, and make it an efficient and affordable fuel source for industrial and domestic use. The production of hydrogen is achieved through methods such as steam reforming, gasification, or electrolysis. These methods separate the elements into various compounds, producing the usable H2 molecules.

For more information on how Oliver Hydcovalves can supply your hydrogen production with the very best valve solutions, contact them on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email sales@valves.co.uk | www.valves.co.uk


Justin smith, Marketing Manager
Oliver Valves | Oliver Hydcovalves | Oliver Twinsafe | Oliver Valvetek
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