Industry leading fluoropolymer components and coatings

AFT Fluorotec Ltd is a group of Engineering companies based around the outskirts of London in Welwyn Garden City and Kent, with over 120 dedicated individuals, each bringing their own strengths, skills and experience to our work.

AFT Fluorotec is a specialist processor of PTFE and VICTREX PEEK® materials and manufacturer of complex precision machined components in engineering plastics. Established in 1986, we’re proud to be pioneers in the processing and machining of PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE and hundreds of other engineering plastics using the very latest technology.

This includes a vast range of our in-house developed blends and compounds in PTFE and PEEK materials adding strengths to physical properties to suit specific applications. ‘Tornos Deco’ sliding head 10 axis turning centres, Mazak Integrex fully robotic machining centres supported by traditional Mazak CNC lathes and state-of-the-art Hass Machining centres give AFT Fluorotec an unrivalled range of machining resources to produce cost competitive machined parts to the very highest standards, regardless of the complexity, batch size or component dimensions.

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