LIFE SAFETY UPS Container Solutions

Critical emergency power solutions are an absolute necessity for LIFE SAFETY systems. Where space is an issue, we can build bespoke containerised solutions to power protect all the LIFE SAFETY on site.

Power Continuity LIFE SAFETY installations, automatically activate during a Power cut to ensure seamless emergency power, for Fire Lifts, Fire Sprinkler systems and emergency lighting where a traditional diesel generator installation is impractical.

Each LIFE SAFETY container comes with its own Air Conditioning, input and output distribution boards, internal lighting and 2 hours or more autonomy. Self-contained, Security access doors and remote monitoring 24/7/365.

Installed on site by our own Power Continuity engineers guarantees your LIFE SAFETY systems will operate seamlessly, when an emergency happens.

RENT or BUY.    Long term Lease rental available.

Power Continuity is essential for life safety systems.

  • Remote monitoring of Life Safety solutions – on site and off site.
  • Automatic and remotely monitored Battery Test Functions.
  • UPS status continually monitored.
  • Air/Con resilient systems.
  • Secure containers.
  • External safety lights.
  • Dual input configuration as standard.
  • Sizes from 30kVA up to 1000kVA (One Megawatt) all containerised.
  • High recharge current to provide rapid recharge times.
  • Battery autonomy from 120 minutes to 300 minutes.

Green solution-ZERO emissions

Where a traditional diesel emergency standby generator installation is impractical or the site wishes to NOT use diesel, then we can accommodate.

What’s your GREEN LSS requirement?

Electricity is the new battle ground to reduce emissions.

All our LIFE SAFETY systems can be ZERO emissions compliant.

Could your site survive a prolonged outage?

Our Bespoke containerised systems are built to your site-specific requirements.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Our engineering team can help. Give us call on the phone number below

ZERO emissions with even longer emergency power

Our industry-leading containerised power protection solutions for ALL
LIFE SAFETY scenarios ensure your Critical LSS power is always ‘ON’, available, 24-7.

No Break in Emergency Power.
Should your site require a longer autonomy then 120 minutes, then we can back up the UPS container with a ZERO emission generator.

Total GREEN Life safety solution.

Guaranteed reliable uninterruptible power to keep ALL life systems protected.

Continuous power is crucial.

  • Fireman’s lifts losing power is life threatening.
  • Sprinkler systems losing power can mean that fire rapidly takes hold.
  • Fire doors opening to exit safely during any power failure.
  • Emergency Lighting that actually works.
  • Smoke evacuation fans that operate in an emergency.

To ensure that your site LIFE SAFETY operate regardless, you’ll need  Dedicated Critical Power Solutions. Power Continuity LIFE SAFETY solutions are installed at site on either:-

  • Temporary systems installed for short or long periods.
  • Long term Lease purchase.
  • Long Term Rental. OPEX.
  • Outright purchase. CAPEX.

Systems that Don’t fail, call Power Continuity, 24 hours a day.

LIFE SAFETY systems and then protecting the whole site Power Continuity provides installed power protection for all mission critical systems operations, guaranteeing 100% Total NO Break Power. Uninterruptible power protection solutions, 24 hours a day.
Emergency backup generators provide total site power whenever the GRID fails. Size is no object. 1 Megawatt to 10 Megawatts. Protecting Businesses.

All Power Continuity installations are automatically activated in the event of a GRID failure providing seamless emergency power to ensure your operations continue without any power disruption. 100% No Break in power.

Life Safety systems – Service and maintenance.

Service visits by our own nation wide team of engineers will service and maintain your solutions. A written report will flag up issues requiring attention. Act on the engineer’s report to ensure that your UPS container is always mission ready.

Contact Power Continuity.  GREEN and be SEEN.

We build. We Install. Life Safety Systems

We are Power Continuity

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We’re here to support your Life Safety Systems 24/7

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