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Improving operational efficiency

Traditional machine vision solutions wreak havoc on operational efficiency and the industry is ready for change. As the late Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo once said, “Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before.”  Here Miki Gotlieb, VP of Operations at Inspekto, explains how Autonomous Machine Vision impacts operational efficiency in a way that has never been seen before.

Morrisons chooses Brillopak to automate multiple fresh produce packing lines

In the last 18-months, Brillopak has installed a range of fully automated pick and place packing lines at three of Morrisons fresh produce and fruit manufacturing sites.

Decentralised drive technology for the digital factory of the future

The future of production is modular, flexible and autonomous. This requires new systems with decentralised intelligence, which can cope with the increasing complexity of the processes. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies a wide selection of decentralised drive technology with frequency inverters which can be adapted to any required application and can be flexibly integrated into the plant.

Virtual and augmented reality in manufacturing

Originally developed as technologies for gaming and entertainment, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are rapidly gaining traction in the manufacturing industry. Here Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at automation parts supplierEU Automation, explains how VR and AR can be used in the factory to improve safety and increase productivity.

The Rise of the Cobots—Friends, Not Foes, in Today’s Manufacturing Landscape

Cobots—robots that physically interact with humans in a shared workspace—first appeared on factory floors two years ago. These robotic partners were hailed as ‘the future of work’, particularly in the manufacturing sector, but concerns about widespread robotic implementation are rife. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in March claim that 1.5 million people in England alone are at risk of losing their jobs to automation, suggesting that these fears are justified.

ERD Stainless Steel Linear Actuators with up to IP69K rating designed for washdown to maximum durability and to extend product service life

Bournemouth, UK, May 2015: Motion Control Products Ltd recently introduced new ERD22 electric rod linear actuator from Tolomatic is a low-cost, versatile replacement for pneumatic cylinders and an alternative to manual processes. With force capabilities up to 7000N (1,700 lbf), the all-300 series stainless-steel ERD22 is a standard catalogue item featuring hygienic design and IP69k rating. Ideal for medium-force washdown applications, the ERD22 linear actuator is USDA-approved for meat, poultry and dairy applications such as pumping, fluid dispensing, volumetric filling, slicing, cutting and chopping.

Motion Control Products Ltd: Electric actuators vs. pneumatic cylinders…

Electric actuators vs. pneumatic cylinders:

A comparison based on total cost of ownership

Tolomatic electric actuators are distributed in the UK and Ireland by Motion Control Products Ltd. please click here to visit our website for the product ranges and information.

 Pneumatic cylinder actuators, known for their low initial cost and durability, have been a staple in factory automation equipment for decades. They are simple, easy to maintain and provide reasonable control over machine movements in industrial plants. However, since the developmentof more flexible, precise and reliable electric actuators, there has been an ongoing debate over which technology offers the best overall solution for industrial plant optimization. The case for switching to electric actuators has focused on the ability of electric actuators to achieve more precise control of motion (position, speed, acceleration and force), along with providing superior accuracy and repeatability.

Leuze Electronic – Really powerful!

With optical sensors, sometimes the pure performance matters most of all

The AC/DC SR 49C all-voltage sensors, with relay and MOSFET outputs for high switching power, have been completely optimized for flexible usage. They are suitable for outdoor deployment and, thanks to their high function reserves, for operating ranges up to 120 m without any operational safety limitations. Thus, to put it succinctly, you could say about these tough sensors: reliability is the prime derivation of high performance.

WAGO appoints new MD for UK and Ireland

WAGO Limited has announced the appointment of a new Managing Director.  Tony Hoyle, formerly Measurement Products General Manager (UK and Ireland) at ABB Ltd., will have overall responsibility for the company’s activities in the UK and Ireland.  He succeeds Gordon Smith who has announced his retirement after overseeing the company’s strong growth since its formation in 1992.  Gordon will however, work with Tony in a joint management capacity until the middle of 2015. 

System Devices: Opto 22 announced groov 2.3, adding Modbus/TCP communication to groov web-based mobile interface software.

With Modbus/TCP support, thousands of industrial devices can now be monitored and managed using eff ective, scalable operator interfaces on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Modbus/TCP is a widely adopted, TCP/IP-based communications protocol used in level sensors, rotary encoders, drives, meters, and industrial controllers and I/O, plus thousands of other devices deployed in diverse industries. 

When the going gets hot, join In2Connect on the Edge

Edge card connectors are embedded devices that mate with the edges of single-sided or double-sided printed circuit boards (PCBs) in order to provide an external electrical connection. Industry standards define power specifications such as voltage levels, power pin placements, and power requirements.

Nanotec Germany`s range of high-performance BLDC motors is increasing.

Cannock January 27, 2015 – Nanotec Germany, represented in the UK and Ireland by Alldrives & Controls is happy to announce the Nanotec range of high performance Stepper Motors, Brushless motors and drives, is growing.

Level Transmitter Improves Chiller System

New Taipei, Taiwan – Finetek Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the availability and use of its newest EG series level transmitter, the EG3, to precisely measure coolant level in an evaporator within an industrial air or water cooled chiller.  Accurate reservoir level control is important for precise control of refrigerant flow through the expansion valve.