Decentralised drive technology for the digital factory of the future

The future of production is modular, flexible and autonomous. This requires new systems with decentralised intelligence, which can cope with the increasing complexity of the processes. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies a wide selection of decentralised drive technology with frequency inverters which can be adapted to any required application and can be flexibly integrated into the plant.

Decentralised frequency inverters offer many advantages: They save space in control cabinets, reduce cable and wiring costs, simplify maintenance and therefore increase the efficiency of the entire drive system. With its extensive range of modular products for decentralised drive electronics NORD DRIVESYSTEMS covers practically all requirements and applications. The drive components have a power range up to 22 kW and an integrated PLC as standard to enable a high level of plug-in capability. They can be freely configured, to adapt them to any application. NORD decentralised drive technology can be integrated into all automation architectures and significantly reduces plant design costs.

NORD has the drive unit of the future

NORD drive units are networked, autonomous and scalable –and therefore meet all of the conditions which are necessary for integration into an Industry 4.0 architecture. The inverters’ integrated PLC is able to reduce the load on the higher level control system and take on independent control tasks. This allows a plant design with autonomous production groups and production islands. The freely programmable PLC processes the data from sensors and actuators and can initiate control sequences, as well as communicating drive and application data to a control centre, networked components or to cloud storage. This enables continuous condition monitoring and therefore forms the basis for predictive maintenance concepts as well as optimum plant dimensioning.

NORDAC LINK: The variable solution for all requirements

This drive control for flexible decentralised installation is available as frequency inverter (up to 7.5 kW) or motor starter (up to 3 kW) and provides what it takes to enable fast commissioning, simple operation and maintenance. With NORDAC LINK all connections are made with simple plug connectors. In addition to the high plug-in capability, integrated maintenance switches and switches for manual operation ensure a high level of user-friendliness.

NORDAC FLEX: Ultimate flexibility

Flexible to install, easy to service: With its power range of up to 22kW, its large range of functions and wide range of accessories, the NORDAC FLEX is the most flexible NORD inverter. With simple parameter transfer via EEPROM memory, installation and servicing are quick and reliable.

Thanks to their modular structure, NORD inverters can be easily extended and offer an impressive variety of scenarios for use in Industry 4.0 automation networks. Their fields of use range from conveyor technology and intralogistics, to drive tasks in the packaging and food industries as well as pump applications and general mechanical engineering.

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