Over 30 years combined experience in the field offering UPS service & maintenance across the UK and Ireland.

All our UPS service engineers are fully trained and certified.

UPS emergency cover- 24-7 emergency call out across the country, engineers on site.

Preventative service maintenance visits every 6 months within a service contract.

Each UPS service inspection is confirmed by a hard copy engineers report.

Every aspect of your UPS is checked and tested to ensure 100% uptime for your critical operations.


Power Continuity offers the most compressive UPS service plan in the UK.

All leading Global Brands are serviced by our own UPS engineers.

Vertiv-Liebert- Emerson Riello- Piller- etc.

We are appointed approved re-sellers and distributors for all the best UPS in the UK.

Preventative UPS maintenance inspections ensure that you are in control of your own power destiny. Every uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is cramped full of electrical components then must be serviced regularly to ensure they support your mission crucial load during a power outage.


 All uninterruptible power supplies installed by Power Continuity have remote monitoring 24 hours a day.

You’re able to see the battery autonomy, state of the UPS, temperature etc. all remotely. Power Control UPS are your fingertips.


Our UPS maintenance reports cover:

  • Environment – Check the UPS environment for ambient temperature, Air Con, ventilation, any signs of dampness or dust that would damage the UPS
  • UPS Load:Check the load is balanced across the 3 phases. Each must be carefully balanced to ensure that all the load isn’t concentrated on one phase.
  • UPS Batteries:Check for signs of leakage or corroded terminals.
  • Battery impedance test:Check that the batteries are fully operational. Holding charge ready for any instantaneous discharge.
  • Capacitors – Check they are supporting the UPS with no signs of degradation
  • UPS display- Check the display is functional and visible, no signs of age.
  • UPS bypass – Check the UPS bypass is operational.
  • UPS load profile – Ensure that no additional load has been added that may have reduced the UPS capacity.
  • User recommendations- Actions needed . Urgent and housekeeping report.


A regular service contract ensures that your UPS routine maintenance is never overlooked. Prevention is better than a cure.

Twice yearly service visits by Power Continuity UPS trained engineers eliminate the need for reactive works due to lack of maintenance.

Vital components do and can fail.

A UPS can overheat when fans fail.

Components reach end of life.

Batteries overheat due to bad environment.

Thermal run away.

Water damage- Flood , Dampness.

Having a routine maintenance plan in place, ensures optimal performance.
As well as providing both an advanced warning and peace of mind, knowing that should a power outage occur, your UPS will instantly without any break support your critical load 24 hours a day.


An isolated power supply is used for any electrical power that supports critical medical equipment in a hospital.

IPS (Isolated Power Supply) systems protect the electrical supply by incorporating bespoke medical isolation transformers that provide safe, clean electrical isolation for ALL critical medical operational equipment, especially in theatres.

We service and maintain all leading makes of IPS in the UK.


Got an immediate UPS issue needing repair?

We carry parts and batteries to support all our contract customers.

For any UPS service and UPS Maintenance please contact Power Continuity

0845 055 8455 24 hours a day.

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