Følsgaard and Panduit 60 Year Partnership Built on Trust

Følsgaard and Panduit are delighted to be celebrating 60 years of partnership.

This is the longest partnership of its nature for both businesses and is a true testament to a flourishing business relationship which has thrived on a foundation of technical excellence, innovation, mutual trust, and friendship.

Furthermore, sixty years of continued successful relations between our two organizations is heavily reliant on the mutual commitment to sustainability, service quality, and regional knowledge that has ensured both organizations’ growth in the North Europe market.

Strategic partnerships in key regions are essential for manufacturers to better understand local requirements and specific expectations. With Følsgaard as a highly experienced technical partner, the relationship has massively benefited from cultural and regional expertise and together the companies have developed outstanding business solutions and practices which have often led the market.

Many organizations claim to be structured on a family-like ethos, where owners, workers, suppliers and customers contribute to a shared responsibility to benefit the wider ecosystem. For Panduit and Følsgaard, we have both grown from family-owned businesses, and with the recent investment into Følsgaard from Addtech AB, the relationship is capable of even higher potential.

As customer-focussed companies there is great pride in creating leading edge physical electrical and network infrastructure and knowing that the end customer is receiving exceptional support for their application solutions.

Commenting on the relationship, Bent Madsen, CEO Følsgaard stated, ‘The world turns driven by people – business between people and our very solid partnership with the global leader Panduit is evidence of exactly that. Our relationship is built on trust, and one saying of ours is “whatever is important for Panduit, is important for Følsgaard” and likewise we appreciate our word listened to and addressed within the global organization of Panduit. Being partners for a lifetime tells us that it’s not a question if we will experience challenges, but more a question on how we together solve them.’

Togetherness and respect for colleagues, customers and partners has defined the companies’ cultures throughout the 60 year partnership. This, more than a business relationship, ensures that our two organizations have a deep understanding and respect for each other’s capabilities and needs.

Like corporate cousins, the organizations share a great deal of business DNA. The relationship has benefitted from mutual respect and refreshingly open communications across all levels, which has kept the rapport strong and straight-talking. It’s fair to say that Panduit has benefited from the older partner’s expertise and feet-on-the-ground customer relationships, and for Følsgaard, it has advanced through shared developments and world-leading products and services.

Discussing the partnership, Lennert Fris, Senior Business Manager EMEA, Panduit commented, ‘Sixty years of continuous partnership in any environment is a true landmark and demonstrates the importance of listening to customers’ needs and advice. The most effective and successful relationships are between equals, where both sides create opportunities for each other and as such, contribute to each other’s growth and development.’

Scandinavian countries and the businesses operating here are renowned the world over for social development of their employees and our commitment to the environment. Again, this is also a commitment which has guided Panduit’s development and growth. And we have seen our partner re-emphasise this responsibility over the past decade with drives across sustainable manufacturing, waste reduction and product recycling to improve its targets and drive towards carbon neutral status.

A key obligation for Følsgaard has been to consistently support and positively challenge Panduit’s developments, providing the technical and user feedback that is essential to take fit-for-purpose technical devices and services to market. Our stated ambition is to, ‘develop the best and most sustainable solutions for our customers, always with TCO in mind, and help customers’ businesses move in an efficient, modern and green direction.’

Sustainability is key to our future development and technology is an enabler for much of what our customers need. We have worked meticulously to build the business platform for customers and moving forward with the right partners is essential. For 60 years Panduit has been a close and dependable partner, and we are looking forward to a highly successful relationship for many years to come.


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