Over 30 years combined experience in the field offering nationwide service & maintenance across the UK and Ireland. All our Generator service engineers are fully trained and certified. 24-7 emergency call out across the country, generator engineers on site within 4-6 hours. Preventative service maintenance visits every 6 months within a generator service contract.

Each Generator service inspection is confirmed by a hard copy engineers report. Every aspect of your Generator is checked and tested to ensure 100% uptime for your critical operations.


Power Continuity offers the most compressive GENERATOR service plan in the UK.

All leading Generator Brands are serviced by our own Generator engineers.

Perkins – Scania- Volvo – Cummins – MTU – CAT- etc.

We sell and repair diesel generators produced by all the major manufacturers in the UK.

Preventative Generator maintenance inspections ensure that you are in control of your own power destiny. Every generator must be serviced regularly to ensure they support your mission crucial load during a power outage.
As a minimum, servicing every 6 months for emergency standby generators
and for prime power generators every 400-450 run hours. Don’t skrimp. Never forget.


All Diesel Generators installed by Power Continuity have remote monitoring 24 hours a day.

You’re able to see the status of the Generator, availability, running etc. all remotely.
Power Control Generators are your fingertips on your smart mobile.


Our GENERATOR service and maintenance reports cover:

  • Environment – Check the generator environment for debris, check the ventilation vents are clear of any air flow blockages, any signs of vandalism or damage to the generator containment.
  • Generator Load:Check the generator load is balanced across the 3 phases. Check that no additional load has been added to the generator.
  • Leaks: Check the generator for any leaks.
  • Generator ATS panel: Check that the ATS auto changeover is operational.
  • Generator Batteries:Check for signs of leakage or corroded terminals.
  • Diesel Fuel:Check the fuel tank is full and clean.
  • Coolant: Check the coolant is topped up and not degraded.
  • Generator control panel- Check the display is functional and visible.
  • Generator door locks – Check all door locks are operational.
  • Generator Fuel test: Diesel Fuel analysis
  • Generator Coolant: Coolant analysis
  • Battery charger: Check it’s operational.
  • Engine Block heater: Check it’s operational.
  • User recommendations- Actions needed. Urgent and housekeeping report.
  • Diesel fuel polishing available upon request.
  • Load Banking on site available upon request.


A regular service contract ensures that your GENERATOR routine maintenance is never overlooked. Prevention is better than a cure.

Twice yearly service visits by Power Continuity GENERATOR trained engineers eliminate the need for reactive works due to lack of maintenance.


Weekly OFF load test – to ensure your diesel generator starts up and stops as installed.

Monthly ON load test – turn the mains breaker OFF and let the generator start up and accept the building load.

Each of these tests, are preventative , both weekly and monthly that ensure the whole integrated power protection system operates correctly. Having a routine test plan in place, ensures optimal performance.
As well as flagging up any potential issues. Then Power Continuity can send an engineer with parts to fix the problem before you need your generator to start-up in anger during a power cut.

We service and maintain all leading GENERATOR Brands in the UK.

Regular servicing will extend the lifespan of your standby generator to well over 30 years.


Full nationwide coverage.

For any Generator service and Maintenance please contact Power Continuity


In an immediate fix?  Call us to provide an emergency backup generator same day.

0845 055 8455 24 hours a day.

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