Single phase generator power for rail networks

Power Continuity have built the largest 2,500 kVA single phase generator ever built in the UK to test the latest trains being built for Hitachi Rail.Electric trains take their electrical power from overhead power lines.Trains use traction motors (Both DC & AC motors) from OHE (overhead equipment – power line cables ).power continuity

All overhead power lines on the UK rail network are single phase 1 wire carrying the 25,000 volts to power the electric train.

The 2,500kVA bespoke Power Continuity containerised diesel generator solution has an internal bunded large fuel tank, absolutely necessity for providing electricity to the rail network, on sites where GRID expansion is limited or impossible.

To support the overhead rail power solution our diesel generator power output is then stepped-up via a containerised transformer to 25,000 volts.

Electric trains use a single wire for their power source.
They don’t rely on a positive or negative connection to work.

Instead, it relies on a method called overhead catenary, in which the power is transmitted to the train motors via the overhead wire.

Railway electrification networks use alternating current (AC) at 25,000 kV.

Power Continuity standby and prime power generator installations, automatically activate to provide single phase power, for any part of the UK Rail Networks, where it is required.

power continuity

Single phase UPS power for rail networks

Numerous areas of the UK rail networks must have approved UPS,

uninterruptible power systems, for signalling and control communications to ensure the safety integrity of the rail network, without any break in operations.

Power failures damage both reputation as well as being a huge safety risk.Power Continuity Install UPS & diesel generators that guarantee rail business operates seamlessly without any loss of critical systems.

Single Phase UPS and Three Phase UPS systems for Life Safety.

Generator Power for Snowdon Mountain Railway


Mount Snowdon Summit Power is provided by Power continuity generators, running 24 hours a day to power the mountain top facilities.

Check out, the news.
Storm warnings every week.
Severe temperatures swings during each 24 hours.
Mount Snowdon has it all. Every day is a challenge.

No Power. No Tourist Business.

Mount Snowdon SMR chose Power Continuity to design, build and install the diesel generators that run 24 hours a day at the summit of Snowdon.

power continuity


The highest operational generators in the UK are at Snowdon –
Installed and maintained by Power Continuity

Continuous power is crucial for all railways.

Especially at the highest restaurant and facilities anyway in the UK

Containerised Generators or UPS containers for UK Rail?

Power Continuity provides installed power protection for all mission critical Rail Network operations that guarantees 100% Total NO Break Power. Uninterruptible power protection solutions, 24 hours a day.
Diesel generators provide SINGLE power whenever the Rail Networks require power. Size is no object. 1 Megawatt to 10 Megawatts. Protecting the Rail.

All Power Continuity installations are automatically activated providing seamless power to ensure electricity anywhere across the Rail Networks.

Emergency Standby Power

Installed Emergency Standby Power solutions prevent operational damage from sudden voltage drops, power outages, terrorist GRID failures, that would otherwise could ‘knock’ out rail operations. Rail safety is a priority.

Single Phase requirement  – for help

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power continuity

power continuity

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