Werth – Measure and analyse with optics, probes, computed tomography and multisensors

In this section we will explore the measurement of layers that can be penetrated with light (from the visible to the infrared spectrum) with the use of chromatic sensors. Using Computed Tomography, we will show you how artefacts caused by beam hardening and scattered radiation can be reduced.

Discover innovative and proven products whilst experiencing the benefits of our multi-sensor and computed tomography systems:

Fast measurement of coating thickness with chromatic sensor

Typical applications for coating thickness measurement are thin glass plates, foils, air gaps, paint thicknesses, protective coatings on electronic components, wafers, membranes of loudspeakers or balloon catheters

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WinWerth® artifact corrections

When measuring with computed tomography, systematic measurement errors in the volume, known as artifacts occur as a matter of principle. Correction methods integrated in the WinWerth® measuring software can greatly reduce artifacts and increase the measuring accuracy accordingly.

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