3 x Systems for Fruit Concentrate

Kecol have recently completed delivery of 3 x H900 Series Megaprime systems for transferring a Taura URC high viscosity concentrated fruit paste. The units were modified in line with the customer’s request to enable them to be placed as close together as possible, thus reducing their overall footprint.

To do this the control boxes of the units were relocated to reduce the overall width of each system but, also allowed the control box to overlap with the adjacent unit.

The systems incorporated additional control features to enable them to be controlled from a remote PLC but, also operated manually when changing the drum. A level sensor was also added to alert the PLC when the drum was almost empty and allow the operator to replace the drum of paste.

The systems were fitted with Q/RH160115 STS-TC-SV pump assemblies of 316L stainless steel construction with food grade seals as standard.



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