Accept no imposters – the one and only true V-Cone meter

Whilst it’s very common for cone meter’s to be called a V-Cone, McCrometer, Inc. invented and patented the first successful cone meter, the one and only V-Cone® Flow Meter, in 1985.

Due to the dynamics of liquids and gases flowing through elbows, valves, pumps, and other pipeline structures, every flow-meter methodology has its own design limitations. Unlike Venturi meters, pitot tubes, orifice plates, and other devices, V-Cone meters provide highly accurate and reliable readings with minimal straight-pipe length restrictions and virtually no maintenance, in pipe sizes up to 120”.

Accept no imposters – the one and only true V-Cone meter

The advanced V-Cone flow meter requires only 1-3 straight pipe diameters upstream and 0-1 downstream to operate effectively. In comparison to traditional DP instruments, the V-Cone Flow Meter’s design is inherently more accurate because the flow conditioning function is built into the basic instrument.

Because Not All Differential Pressure Meters Are Created Equal

The McCrometer V-Cone® flow meter technology accurately measures flow over a wide range of Reynolds numbers, under many conditions and for a variety of fluids (liquid, steam or gas media) with unrivalled performance. Accept no fakes.

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