Advantages of Almatec® FUTUR Series Pumps in Semiconductor Applications

The production of semiconductors is only possible if the pumps used to produce them can meet the challenges associated with the supply, circulation and filtration of high-purity chemicals, as well as the transfer of abrasive slurries and solvents. Since 1991, Almatec® has been manufacturing its FUTUR Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps with number of characteristic advantages that enable them to overcome the many challenges inherent in the production of semiconductors while providing a pure and safe operation.

Featuring a compact, simple design with few parts, FUTUR Series AODD pumps are self-priming, dry run capable, and can easily be controlled via the air volume. The liquid flows straight through the product chambers of the center housing while the air control system and the air chambers are located in the side housing. This design ensures that only one part of the housing comes in contact with the liquid and reduces the number of flow bends to only two. Additionally, this design minimizes the surface area, eliminates sliding parts in the product chambers, and makes it possible to dispense with gaskets.

FUTUR Series pumps have housing parts machined from solid blocks for long-life performance, and are cleaned, assembled and tested in a cleanroom line. The FUTUR Series is currently available in its 4th generation. All generations are drop-in interchangeable in connections.

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