Advantech Launches IXM Supporting Managed Switch

Taipei, Taiwan – [January, 2016] – Advantech’s iConnectivity Group (ICG) are pleased to announce the launch of their first switch which supports IXM device management technology.

IXM, provides engineers with the ability to assign a fixed range of IP address to many devices at the same time, and also provides them with the ability to simultaneously copy the same switch configuration across multiple switches.

Once the ‘master’ has been configured, IXM can be launched and within seconds all other IXM compatible switches will be populated with the same settings. This function saves up to 90% of the configuration time not only speeds up the configuration but also ensures that mistakes aren’t made.

There are eight models in the EKI-7710 series, four with PoE and four without. The PoE models have 8 PoE+ ports with an increased wattage that will support devices up to 30 watts instead of the common 15 watts, meaning that more energy consuming devices can be attached.

The EKI-7710 series Managed Ethernet Switches are available now. For more information about EKI-7710 series and IXM technology contact your local Advantech sales representative or visit for product information for IXM technology introduction.


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