ALLTEC Manufactures the Dynashield® ADSx2F Series of Hardwired AC Surge Protection Devices

The new ADSx family provides a greater standard of protection for mission critical infrastructure. Smaller, lighter, tougher. The Dynashield® ADSx2F Series of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are fast responding, high current handling devices designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and systems from damaging transient surge events.

These SPDs are designed with individual thermally protected MOV (Metal-Oxide Varistor) technology and are UL Listed to ANSI/UL 1449 3rd Edition as Type 1/2 suppressors. The proprietary circuit design offers superior voltage protection levels at high surge currents to meet the most demanding protection requirements.

Fault current rating of 200 kAIC qualifies the SPD to handle the highest levels of surge protection for commercial and industrial applications. Type 2 models offer UL 1283 Listed Frequency Reactive Circuitry (FRC) to attenuate EMI/RFI noise up to -50dB @ 100kHz. Diagnostics include unique high luminosity blue status LEDs for each phase and dry relay contacts for remote annunciation.

Designed especially for the harsh environments found at Oil & Gas, Industrial Automation, Water / Waste Water or Telecom Communication sites, all models are offered in several weatherproof enclosures; NEMA 4X Polycarbonate (Standard), NEMA 4X Stainless Steel, or NEMA 4 painted steel.

These premium SPDs offer protection with ratings of 50kA, 100kA, 200kA or 300kA, with exclusive Voltage Reactive Circuitry (VRC) to ensure superior protection ratings.

About ALLTEC – Solution Providers for an Energized WorldTM

ALLTEC is an international, full-service company specializing in engineered grounding/earthing & bonding solutions, surge/transient protection, and lightning protection. ALLTEC offers decades of knowledge and experience to their customers, advising of the best methods for risk mitigation, and ultimately applying those evaluations as comprehensively engineered solutions for today’s infrastructure challenges.


Global experience has enabled ALLTEC to develop advanced products, solutions, and technologies for the protection of a wide range of industries. More information on ALLTEC can be found at

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