Analysis by Firth: transforming product design

As a manufacturer, product designer or innovator:

  • Are you looking to reduce your design and development costs?
  • Do you need to prove out designs more quickly and affordably?
  • Would you like to identify potential problems more easily?

At Analysis by Firth, we help manufacturers to resolve existing production challenges and identify and address design issues before they turn into problems.

As highly experienced Engineering Technical Consultants, we are experts at helping companies to streamline and simplify part and product development through the use of static and dynamic finite element analysis, stress and fatigue analysis.

With a proven track record of resolving product development problems in industries such as road and rail vehicles, aerospace and industrial plant, we understand the needs of manufacturers.

We also offer training in stress analysis and finite element analysis. Please get in touch for more information.

Our expertise has supported the successful development of everything from a foot file to a double decker bus.

We pride ourselves on our client feedback which consistently highlights the quality of our personal and responsive services, even within the strictest of deadlines.

Get in touch to find out how we could help you – or find out more about our services or training courses.

Telephone: 01257 427667

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