Andrews Boilers add new water treatment unit to hire fleet

Andrews Boilers add new water treatment unit to hire fleet.

The country’s leading HVAC specialists are delighted to introduce a new filtration system designed to provide a quick and efficient solution in scenarios where a fully functional temporary energy centre is required to operate alongside a boiler arrangement.

Following a significant volume of enquiries from clients, the water treatment unit joins Andrews’ hire fleet with immediate effect and has already been used on high-profile projects around the UK.

Offering an all-encompassing solution for both new and ongoing developments where an energy centre is needed, the unit also has a full water softening facility with dirt and air separators, side stream filtration and a system dosing feature. A complete boosted mains cold water service can also be provided across a broad spectrum of applications, underlining its value in a number of situations.

Market-leading technology enables the water treatment unit to deliver up to 8 bar of continuous water pressure, guaranteeing that flats or areas at the top of a multi-storey building still reap the benefits of a normal water supply.

This unique system offers an external water storage tank which can be installed in conjunction with an Andrews boiler, with the configuration’s compact dimensions guaranteeing a small footprint and ensuring minimal space is required even on multi-megawatt applications.

In recent months, Andrews have been heavily involved in a largescale flat development in West London, prompting the installation of their temporary energy centre. A solution was quickly required to allow the properties to be open as scheduled but this could not be achieved if vital amenities such as heating and hot water were unavailable.

After directly liaising with a well-known construction company prior to the project’s commencement, Andrews’ engineers were able to gain a better understanding of the scheme’s unique obligations and how best to accommodate them. This initial consultancy phase led to the water treatment unit being manufactured, with the entire process completed in a matter of weeks.
The unit was fitted with a comprehensive telemetry system and is compatible with both automatic and remote-controlled operation to enhance flexibility. This set-up allows potential mechanical issues to be identified and reported quickly, negating the need for constant visits from engineers which ensures costs are minimised at all times.

In this particular instance, Andrews’ filtration unit was originally sought for a 20-week period, but this was quickly doubled due to the demonstrable effectiveness of the product since its arrival on site. Once commissioned, the unit proved immediately successful in addressing a common issue and this has sparked an incredible surge in demand for use on projects elsewhere.

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