Are you worried about Forklifts skidding and bringing in dirt and water?

If you have forklift trucks moving in an out of your warehouse or facility frequently throughout the day, the wheels are likely to be bringing in dirt and water from outside, especially in wet weather. This can lead to slips and falls, an unclean environment and the risk of forklifts skidding. Fortunately, there is a solution – Waterhog Forklift Mats.

Forklift mats are designed to scrape and wipe forklift wheels as they drive over them to prevent dirt and water being tracked inside and around the warehouse. By drying the wheels this can also prevent forklift trucks from skidding and damaging fixtures, fittings, and goods. They are designed to make your facility or warehouse both safer and cleaner.

Waterhog Forklift Mats have a crush proof, bi-level construction which withstands the weight of a loaded forklift and holds the dirt in the mat, where it can easily be cleaned away at the end of the day.

The latest edition of the range, Waterhog Modular Forklift Mats are simpler than ever to install. They are a modular system, that are easy and quick to install with a tough double-sided tape, with a downtime of less than an hour.

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