Atex Approved, Manual Control Dosing Pumps

Wanner International has introduced a range of Hydra-Cell, ATEX approved Dosing Performance Pumps with precise mechanical variator control, all mounted on a substantial stainless steel base plate.

These seal-less pumps are designed for use in ATEX classified environments, coupled to compatible, explosion proof motors, completely removing the need for complex and costly external VFD ATEX control. 

Because Hydra-Cell pumps are true positive displacement pumps, flow rate is directly proportionate to input shaft speed and virtually independent of system discharge pressures. Very precise and repeatable, infinite adjustment of shaft speed is achieved from almost zero rpm, through a simple manual adjust hand wheel on the variation.

Flow rate is adjustable in operation and at rest and exhibits linear setting characteristics. Once set, the wheel can be locked to prevent the flow being changed, either by accident or deliberately.

Meeting or exceeding API 675 performance requirements in terms of repeatability, linearity and steady state accuracy, Hydra-Cell Dosing Performance pumps are the low maintenance, highly efficient, low lifecycle cost option.


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