Automatic relubrication means improved performance and reduced costs

An efficient and economical lubrication concept includes not only the choice of a suitable lubricant but also the relubrication provision. Schaeffler has developed an ‘E-Kit’ specifically for electric motors. This kit is suitable for use with the automatic CONCEPT2 lubricator from Schaeffler which can independently supply up to two lubrication points with lubricant and provides electric motor operators with an economical way to upgrade the CONCEPT2 system.

E-Kit upgrade, complete with all mounting accessories

The E-Kit includes the CONCEPT2 lubricator (as either battery-driven or 24 Volt variant) and all the accessories required for mounting and installation. Existing lubrication systems can thus be easily upgraded to a fully-automatic relubrication system.

The E-Kit contains angled hose connectors and a 3m length of hose which can be shortened as required. The kit also includes a mounting bracket with a set of small parts for mounting at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees using eye bolts and the hose connectors for a 6mm diameter hose to replace the existing lubrication nipple.

Maintenance 4.0 reduces costs

Automatic relubrication devices provide fresh lubricating grease to the contact points of the rolling bearing in the desired quantity and at the right time. They can also be controlled externally as required and are easy to integrate into machine operation. Under- and over-lubrication and the resulting downtimes can be avoided just as reliably as system contamination due to excess lubricant. For maintenance personnel, automated relubrication devices mean considerably less work, improved operating reliability and often reduced maintenance costs.

CONCEPT2 provides two lubrication points, which are controlled by either one or two individual piston-dispensing pumps, enabling the system to be adjusted to meet up to two different bearing sizes with varying lubrication requirements. Rather than having to purchase two separate single point lubricators to cope with different bearing lubrication requirements, users can now buy one CONCEPT2. The system is suitable for dispensing lubricant to a variety of industrial rolling bearing applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, gearboxes and electric motors.

CONCEPT2 can operate independently or can be activated by an external control system, coupled to a machine or production system. Protected to IP65, the system dispenses either oil or grease up to NLGI 2. Delivery pressure is up to 50 bar on a 24V DC power supply, or up to 30 bar when battery-powered. Operating temperature is from -20°C to +70°C.

The lubricant is stored in a transparent replaceable 250cm3 cartridge, allowing users to easily check the lubricant level, which enables easier fill-level control. The system is easy-to-use with an integrated LCD user display and two keypad control buttons for set up and adjustment.

‘FAG Arcanol’ has been rebranded as ‘Schaeffler Arcanol’

CONCEPT2 uses Schaeffler Arcanol lubricating greases. They provide specific lubrication properties for almost every type of industrial application. All Arcanol lubricants are extensively tested for their suitability. This includes many test rig tests which simulate a range of installation conditions and thus investigate the interaction between the rolling bearing and the lubricating grease under real conditions.

As part of the conversion of the Schaeffler Group’s external presence and branding, selected product groups are being converted to the Schaeffler brand. ‘FAG Arcanol’ has now been rebranded as ‘Schaeffler Arcanol’. The look of the entire Arcanol product range will be brought in line with the Schaeffler corporate design.

Multi-point lubricator for up to eight different bearing positions

For users who require more than two lubrication points, the CONCEPT8 from Schaeffler provides up to eight separate lubrication points for dispensing precisely metered quantities of lubricant to rolling bearings. The system can dispense lubricant to rolling bearings in a wide range of industrial applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, gearboxes, electric motors, machine tools, wind turbines, as well as production lines in food and beverage processing plants. CONCEPT8 ensures a constant, optimum supply of grease to the bearings without the need for manual intervention, particularly if machines are located in difficult-to-access areas or are deemed as critical to the production process.

CONCEPT8 can be adjusted to provide four different lubrication volumes to cater for bearings with varying lubrication requirements. The system is fitted with four pairs of lubrication points (eight in total), which are controlled by four individual dispensing pumps. Unlike other multi-point lubricators on the market, CONCEPT8 enables users to individually control each pump in order to optimise cycle times and volumes of dispensed lubricant (lubricant can also be dispensed in a ‘pulsed operation’). This means the system can be adjusted to meet up to four different bearing sizes, each with varying lubrication requirements – an industry first. Rather than having to purchase multiple single point lubricators to cope with different bearing lubrication requirements, users can now buy one CONCEPT8.

CONCEPT8 is also equipped with heated outlets, which ensure reliable dispensing intervals, even at low temperatures when the grease is more viscous. In addition, as the lubricant is stored in a transparent replaceable cartridge, users can easily check the lubricant level, enabling easier fill-level control. The system is easy-to-use with an integrated LCD user display that provides clear navigation menus and two keypad control buttons for set up and adjustment.

CONCEPT8 also operates on Schaeffler’s ARCANOL range of lubricants.

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