Avancer UK launches new range of world class instrumentation and sensors into the UK

Avancer UK is going from strength to strength, supplying through a nationwide network of technical distributors they offer full UK sales and support on every product they supply. In addition to supplying quality products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of instrumentation and sensors. Avancer also now manufacture more than a dozen specialist products here in the UK supporting UK manufacturing and jobs.

The range includes Rotary encoders, absolute encoders, proximity sensors, photo electric sensors, fibre optic sensors as well as a full range of instrumentation and process control products.

Their Sales Director Mike O’Keeffe (pictured) commented “We are very excited about the prospects of growing the Autonics range in the UK, their quality, prices and breadth of products will allow Avancer’s distribution partners to be a single source supply for many companies looking to reduce both suppliers and costs”

Autonics Corporation have subsidiary companies throughout the world and supply many of the worlds’ leading OEM companies from shipbuilding to textile machines. Their commitment to quality and the introduction of new products is indicated by their constant launching of new and innovative products. Speaking earlier this year Avancer’s technical director Peter Lingard said “having launched 17 new product ranges in 2012 alone we are always busy preparing training and support programmes for our partners”


One of the largest available ranges from a single manufacturer Autonics cover every input type in process, temperature and instrumentation control. Sizes also mean panel builders and machine builders can chose from a wide range of DIN standard sizes making their panels and machines look more stylish and uniform. Supplying from stock over 90% of our deliveries is direct from our UK warehouse.

  • Digital PID Controllers from £39.00

Temperature controllers include analogue, single loop PID, multi loop PID, DIN rail models BCD setting models and freezer and refrigeration controllers.


  • Analogue Temperature Controllers from £23.00

Temperature controllers include 8 pin analogue as well as analogue models up to 1200°C and capable of taking J or K thermocouple and PT100 inputs.

  • Digital Preset Counters from £59.00

Counters are available include digital switch setting models, which can be set on the fly, single and dual preset dual

  • Digital Panel Meters from £41.00

Panel meters include universal input, process input, pulse input, thermocouple input and specialist inputs for process control.


Avancer supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of sensors from a single source. Autonics have for over 30 years been supplying sensors to some of the worlds’ largest manufacturing companies into a vast range of industries and are now found all over the world. So if you are looking for a standard 12 mm proximity sensor or a glass detecting sensor Avancer UK have the solution.

  • Inductive Proximity Sensors from £12.00

Sensors available include inductive and capacitive sensors in a wide range of packages including cylindrical, rectangular and flat. Sensing distances range from 1.5 mm to 50 mm.

  • Photo Electric Sensors from £35.00

Sensors available include through beam, diffuse and retro reflective with sensing distances from 0.1 m to 20 m. The range includes miniature sensors as well as fibre optic sensors with digital displays.

  • Rotary Incremental Encoders from £68.00

Our range or encoders includes miniature rotary encoders 20 mm in diameter up to 30 mm hollow shaft encoders with 10000 pulses per revolution, fittings include shaft, hollow shaft, flange and side mounting.

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