Bartington Helmholtz Coil Systems

Bartington’s range of Helmholtz Coils provides solutions for a variety of industrial and research applications, where creation of an accurate and controllable known magnetic environment is important. For example, many of today’s devices include compasses for navigation, such as mobile phones, satnav systems, and rangefinders. Our Helmholtz Coils are idea for calibrating these devices accurately, enabling maximised performance and improved accuracy of the data obtained from these compasses.

Our range of coils is available with diameters of 350mm(HC16), 500mm (HC1®) or 1m (HC2®). They can be supplied on their own, or with our Power Amplifier (PA1) and Control Unit (CU1). The CU2 Module allows for closed-loop compensation to take place for improved field stability, especially over slowly varying ambient field changes. We also offer a compatible National Instruments acquisition card and LabView™-based package, which enable a turnkey solution for software control of your Helmholtz Coil system.

Each pair of coils generates a homogeneous magnetic field in one specific axis: X, Y or Z. The coils can be calibrated to add or subtract from distortions in the Earth’s magnetic field. For the HC1®, you may specify the number of axes, and hence pairs of coils, required. The two-axis version is available in any combination (X+Y, X+Z or Y+Z), which may be specified when placing your order. The HC2® coils are provided in flat-pack form for easy shipping and assembly at your convenience.

In addition, Ferronato Helmholtz Coils with 1.3 and 2m diameters from Serviciencia are also available, and are compatible with our control system.

When developing new magnetic sensing technology, our Helmholtz Coils and reference sensors are invaluable in ensuring the new sensors are calibrated and tested appropriately. Our Mag-13MS three-axis magnetic field sensor is an ideal high precision reference sensor for field measurements.

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