Beam is an engineering company involved in the design, development and production of electronic and software instrumentation products.

Our new BMeasure-125i unit is a flexible and powerful system for data acquisition, data logging and control in the laboratory, industrial and remote sensing arenas. We like to think of the unit as a flexible Swiss army knife of data acquisition and logging. The unit can sit alongside industrial PLC’s acquiring accurate and fast moving data from numerous types of data sources.

Operating as a data acquisition unit the system can capture the data from 8 x 24bit 128 ksps analogue and 8 digital channels and send the data to a host computer over the USB, Ethernet, WiFi or RS-485 interfaces. Adaptable input modules provide for connection to various types of sensor. Operating as a data logger, the system can autonomously sample and store the data to in-built FLASH memory for later data retrieval.

One typical usage scenario is measuring the leakage current of high voltage semiconductor switches during testing and burn-in. The BMeasure-125i unit accurately measures the RMS and peak current flowing through 5 semiconductors, the overall applied voltage, temperature and other parameters. As well as measuring these, on alarm conditions, it quickly switches off faulty switches via its digital outputs.

The unit is low power and has flexible power supply inputs. Options include power over Ethernet and battery operation for remote monitoring applications. The inclusion of digital IO, two relays and two switch inputs provides for control capacities and its DIN rail mount option provides for easy use in electrical systems.

The BMeasure system is finding innovative roles in production line testing and industrial control as well as in research labs. We also design and produce hardware/software systems under contract, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for your instrumentation needs.



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