Bifold Releases Solenoid Operated BXS Pneumatic Valves

Bifold has built on the experience and skills of its workforce to continually broaden its product range. Bifold are proud to announce the launch of their solenoid operated BXS Pneumatic valve range.
Bifold’s BXS valve range offers a compact and flexible solution to low pressure applications. Specifically, the solenoid operated types are compact, two-stage valves.

The robust design is manufactured from 316L stainless steel as standard with anodised aluminium options also available.
With a valve operating temperature range of -55°C to + 130°C and worldwide solenoid operator approvals Ex emb, Ex d & Ex ia for ambient temperatures up to 90°C, the solenoid operated product range is available with the widest range of override options.
Product design FMEAs, extensive qualification testing, computerised diagnostic factory acceptance testing and test procedures to confirm operational safety factors of all production valves, combine to support the certification of the valves as SIL 3 capable.
A NAMUR interface is available on 5/2 port configuration valves. These types are supplied with multi-functional adaptor plates to permit valve orientation through 90° or conversion to a 3/2 configuration.
Bifold has also designed the IPV (Integrated Pilot Valve). This is a cartridge valve that fits within the solenoid operator adaptor, permitting the solenoid operator to be connected directly to the BXS series valve body.
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