Cable Entry Connectors with New Control Circuit

Leading encapsulated coil, industrial connector and sensor supplier ATAM,has upgraded its cable entry connectors with a new control circuit for solenoid valves, whilst also employing advanced new techniques to dramatically speed up manufacture.

Thanks to these improvements, production of the cable entry connectors has been streamlined to achieve an impressive output of 10,000 pieces a day, resulting in significantly reduced customer lead times.

ATAM’s cable entry connectors, which can be used in numerous pneumatic and hydraulic applications, incorporate a new control circuit with provides important additional functions. These include a visual LED indication of the correct operation of the solenoid valve, signaling of anomalies and protection against the voltage spikes that can occur when the coil demagnetizes, protecting both the load and the control electronics, thus ensuring a longer life to the entire system.

Other important innovations include the electronic board being assembled with press-fit technology that ensures a reliable electrical connection to the holder, effectively eliminating the risks commonly associated with manual welding.

The control circuit employs surface-mount technology components to give guaranteed protection from voltage spikes via a bidirectional diode – Transil, which, when compared to traditional varistors, offers improved and longer-lasting circuit protection.The Transil can be used independently of the polarization; offers a compact size and ensures rapid intervention in the presence of over-voltages (spike, burst, surge).

Tests conducted in ATAM’s state-of-the-art laboratories, confirm the improved performance of the new control circuit, whilst excellent performance when preventing water and dust ingress (protection degree IP65), makes them perfect for use in even for the most severe of applications

Advanced new technologies are allowing ATAM to produce cable entry connectors with even greater speed and precision; introducingnext-generation products that are the result of technical synergy between the development and production of encapsulated coils and industrial connections and their state-of-the-art laboratory. This allows ATAM to simulate the combined use of coils and connectors under any condition, resulting in optimal solutions in terms of reliability, quality and affordability.