Cable vs. Chain Tubular Drag Conveyors – The Wrong Choice Could Cost You

Understanding the differences between a chain vs. a cable Drag Conveyor will maximize your purchase and improve your returns.  When selecting a mechanical conveyor for total cost of ownership, it is important to consider total up-time, cost and time of repairs, and mode of failure. Depending on the material type, capacity requirements, and bulk density, the cable assembly can splinter and break; this typically requires the entire cable assembly to be replaced. The cable assembly also has limited options for flight material. The right flight material, coupled with an optimum layout, will reduce wear and maximize up-time. Hapman’s Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor uses an industrial grade chain and flight assembly to effectively and reliably move material without concern of splintering or breakage. Many chain and flight types are available for optimum conveying.

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Artur Wencel, Engineer, Product Manager
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