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The PROton range is the latest range of modular Embedded Control systems fromCambridgeMicroprocessor Systems designed by engineers forengineers.

During a product development it is not always clear what you require in the final product untilyou are well into the development. With a traditional development you purchase the parts that youthink that you will need and then have to work within those parts and tools to complete the project.This often results in rats nests of wires, components stuck onto extra boards etc. With the PROtonrangeof modular products you can simply add additional peripheral or memory boards as requiredduring the development. If we do not supply the particular part that you need simply purchaseour Prototype card and add it yourself, keeping everything tidy within the stack of boards. Oncetheproduct has been designed and tested then we offer a full design and customisation service foryour finalproduct.PROton EmbeddedControllers

The PROton range of Embedded Controllers are designed to be low in cost and extremelyflexibletouse.TheyarebasedaroundanARMCortex-Mmicrocontroller.

The smallest member of the family, the PROton PR-25 has low power Cortex-M0+microcontroller at the heart of the system, the other members utilise a Cortex-M4 core. Physically it is just 60mmx 67mm in size but it is still a serious contender with 256 k-bytes of in-built flash memory and 32k- bytes of static RAM clocked at up to 48 MHz. The module supports 12-bit digital toanalogueconversion, 16-bit analogue to digital converters, Real Time Clock and a touch sensingmodule.

Able to interface externally to SPI, i2c, UART, USB, analogue or digital inputs it can be usedwith most external devices. For power sensitive operations the module has nine low power modesand many internal devices can operate independently of the core reducing the amount of time thatthecore needs to be running keeping power consumption evenlower.

The next member of the family is the PROton PR-40. This is based around an ARM CortexM4 core running at up to 100 MHz. With up to 512 k-bytes of programmable memory and 64k-bytes RAM there is plenty of on device storage. Features include timers/counters, programmablegain amplifier,analoguecomparators,2independentADCmodules,touchsensinginterface,segmentdisplay controller, a flexible external bus interface and up to 100 general purpose 5V tolerantI/O channels. On the serial front it supports CAN, i2c, i2s, SPI, UART, Secure Digital hostcontroller (SDHC) and full/low speed USB OTG. The PROton PR-40 is a larger format board thanthePROtonPR-25.

The PROton PR60 replaces the PR40’s segment LCD with an IEEE 1588 Ethernet module andahardware encryption module supporting CRC checking, random number generator,hardwareencryption supporting DES, 3DES, AES, MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256algorithms.

All of the embedded controller modules with the PROton range are supported by the freeKinetis Design Studio or popular development tools provided by IAR or Keil. The larger boards supportthefreely available MQX Real Time Multitasking operating system, the PROton PR-25 supportsthereduced function MQXLite version. Our PROton Development System packages all thefreely available tools with our PROton Programmer enabling you to quickly get started on yourproject.

Off-the-shelf Expander boards for the PROton range of controllers include memoryexpansions, relays, opto-isolated inputs, SD cards, 4-20mA input and outputs and prototype boards.Embedded Controller modules can be used with one or several Expanders at a time. Once you havefinalised your application we offer a full customised design and build service enabling you tointegrateeverything into your ownformat.

Custom DesignServices

Our engineers have been working in the field of electronic systems design for many years andhavea wealth of experience and expertise that you can rely on. Whether it is a control system, adatalogger, an instrument or a PLC that you require we will be able to assistyou.

We offer a comprehensive design service which includes custom hardware, bespokesoftwareand custom build. You will be surprised how little a custom designcosts.

Design CaseStudy

A supplier of wash room equipment approached us with a problem. They wanted to be ableto monitor and control the usage of water in an installation of mobile wash room pods withtheoption of being able to expand the system for use the system in other businesssectors.

Using our PROton PR-25 and a Prototype board they developed an application to open valvesto allow a set amount of water to flow for each operation of the switch. This was expanded toallow four switches operating four valves, two controlling the hot and cold water to a wash basin,athird for a toilet flush the fourth for a shower unit. Simply by connecting some unitstogether several units could be monitored from a central point. Reports could then be generatedindicating how much water was being used by each unit. On the back of getting the initial reportsthey found that they could quickly detect leakages enabling water savings to be made. Theycould also detect blocked facilities and even dirty facilities – these were the ones that were notbeing used asfrequently.

On moving into other business sectors they found that they could restrict the amount oftimes that a water source could be used within a period of time, for example, to preventdeliberatefloodingoffacilities.Alsobydetectingabnormalusagetheycouldalertstafftocheckonpeoplewho were either using too much water or not enoughwater.

Once the development work was completed we took their sketch circuits and our PROtonPR-25and produced a single circuit board to fit within their enclosure. We then got theunits manufactured and supplied to ourclient.

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