Centrifuge Service and Repair

Even the best machinery needs to be maintained and serviced.  As a consequence, Flottweg has established a worldwide service network consisting of its own subsidiaries, branch offices and representatives to provide it’s customers with local service and spare parts.


Flottweg and its representatives, one of which is Euroby, all have  service engineers and technicians who are qualified for any kind of installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance involving its products and processes.

In order to represent Flottweg in the sales and maintenance of its dewatering, thickening and separator technologies Euroby has to maintain high standards of workmanship to remain compliant with the high standards demanded by its supplier.

A comprehensive range of services and technical support are offered by Euroby, not only for Flottweg machines but for all types of centrifuges; including those manufactured by Alfa Laval, Bird, Humboldt KHD, Sharples, Penwalt, Pieralisi, Westfalia, Guinard, Andritz and Ashbrook Simon- Hartley and Centriquip

Euroby’s Service and Repair department are committed to increasing the availability and reliability of all of their clients centrifuges – a professional approach coupled with a high degree of knowledge and experience together with skilled engineers and technicians are pre-requisites for trouble-free operation. Our competent and reliable customer service is always ready when needed to either carry out repairs or maintenance in the field or as conditions dictate, in its West Bromwich workshops.  Our engineers are based throughout the UK reducing response times and cost.


Euroby’s business model has been developed to suit its customer’s needs:

  • Driven by a contract or non-contract relationship
  • Timely preventative maintenance (including planned service outages) and/or breakdown maintenance
  • Full dewatering capacity replacement should your equipment require major remedial work
  • Regular servicing in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
  • Modern inspection techniques (without dismantling) coupled with condition monitoring to determine service frequency/need
  • Emergency call out or technical assistance – genuine 24/7
  • Management and storage of essential spares (sourced from the original manufacturer or from their suppliers)
  • Process optimisation to improve efficiency and cut costs
  • Training of clients engineers and operators to carry out daily and other more involved maintenance tasks
  • On site vibration analysis


Having a large rental/hire fleet of centrifuges and other dewatering technologies, unlike some other maintainers –  “Euroby is also a user” and appreciates the absolute requirement to maintain its assets in a good reliable and serviceable condition whilst having the ability to deal with breakdowns immediately they occur.


Major repairs (including internal scroll/conveyor, machine modifications) are carried out at our at Euroby’s fully equippedWest Bromwich workshops.  Machines are returned to our client’s premises having been fully balanced, tested and ready for service, following installation and commissioning by our clients or our own field engineers.



Tel: 01903 69 44 00

EM: sales@euroby.com



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