CERTUSS Steam Generators

When Hans Joachim Schroder founded his company CERTUSS Warmetechnik GmbH in 1957, his primary goals were to manufacture reliable, low-noise Steam Generators, easy to maintain and for continuous operation.

These objectives formed the basis of a successful company, which is now operating world-wide.

The concentration being on a clearly defined product line, systematic research, development and a highly trained team of professionals, which enables equipment production of the highest standard aligned with a Certified Quality Management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
All CERTUSS Steam Generators are type tested according to European Pressure Equipment Guideline DGRL 97/23/EC.

CERTUSS offer seven construction groups within their range of fossil fuel TC Model Generators. Group 1-3 models (80-400kg/hr) offer single stage burner operation.

Group 4-7 models (500-2000kg/hr) offer 2 stage burner operation, with full modulation 50% -100%. Operating pressures up to 32 bar G are available.

With a patented free air circulation system the CERTUSS Generator has no “thermal insulation” or “fire brick” present within its construction and offers a fuel to steam efficiency of >93% as a standard.

With the inclusion of a flue gas economiser customers can expect to achieve a further 4-5% to the efficiency levels.

To accompany the Generator, CERTUSS also offer their CVE Package Plant Module, where all of the associated ancillary items are pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested.
Fuel types offered are Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel, with combination burners offered on all units from 500kg/hr upwards.

Also available are a range of Electric Steam Generators from 6kW to 120kW, also offering full modulation.

CERTUSS hold full electronic documentation of every Generator manufactured over the past 30 years, with full spares support for each Generator guaranteed for up to 20 years after commissioning.

CERTUSS Company is made up of 3 group members- our CERTUSS GmbH (which is the main manufacturing plant), CERTUSS UK and CERTUSS USA, along with 39 other representative companies worldwide

CERTUSS offer the latest steam technology and exemplary service to the steam industry including Brewing and Distilling, Food and Drink, Service and Hospitality, Healthcare, Engineering and Manufacturing, Laundries and Dry Cleaning, Research and Development, Pharmaceutical etc

For more information visit our web site – www.certuss.co.uk

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