Coax valves UK are proud to introduce the new FMX range of compact, high flow, stainless steel externally controlled valves. With a new unique floating seat arrangement giving greater flow than comparable valves:

Features of the valve include:

  1. All wetted parts 304 stainless steel
  2. Port sizes 3/8” bsp through to 11/4” bsp
  3. Normally closed and normally open functions available
  4. Pressure range 0-16 bar in either direction meaning bi-directional flow.
  5. New design of endcap allows snap in mounting into manifold up to 5 station
  6. Unique design allows mounting of normally open and normally closed valves on same manifold
  7. Reed switch sensing available with 10 metre cable option available
  8. FKM seals with PTFE seat as standard
  9. 3/2 pilot valve available with different electrical connections available
  10. Competitively priced
  11. Valves available from stock for immediate delivery.

For further details contact John Osborn at
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