Consumables Solutions is launching a clever new industrial vending machine range aimed at helping those companies struggling with re-ordering goods and worrying about loss of stock – and it promises a spend reduction of 25 per cent.U-vend™ is a range of automated point-of-work machines which stock all of the materials, tools, parts, components and supplies your employees could need. Simply by swiping their ID cards or tapping in a PIN code on the vending machine, employees request and receive the items they require immediately and can return to their station to continue with their work.

An essential piece of machinery for manufacturing businesses and large corporations where tools and equipment need to be accounted for and tock rooms take up vital floor space and resources, U-vend™ provides detailed management reporting, thanks to Consumables’ in-built e-procurement solution, U-control™. At the touch of a button, U-control™ will report on who is using what materials, where on site and how often they are returning, eradicating “maverick” use and the tendency for employees to stockpile items.

The machine eliminates stock-outs as its intelligent, in-built stock control alerts will automatically re-order any items that fall below a specified minimum. This not only means that businesses which use U-vend™ typically reduce their inventory by 50 per cent but also removes the requirement for human intervention, freeing personnel up to concentrate on their main job role. In the case of engineering or manufacturing firms, U-vend™ can also help to eliminate the hoarding of tools or supplies and assist with asset management. Tools can be returned to the machine for re-charging within the unit, ensuring it will be ready to use when next required.

Jonathan Hall, Managing Director of Portsmouth-based Consumables Solutions, said: “What business doesn’t want to control spend and ensure maximum productivity and efficiency? Saving money and sticking to budgets is crucial to everyone in these tough economic times and so any piece of equipment that can help a company to do exactly that will surely be welcomed. “The US has really taken to using vending machines in business to control stock levels, cut costs and ensure accountability of materials or tools and are using them to great effect. We are certain that our U-vend™ solution can help deliver significant benefits for companies whose store room is looking overrun and companies who are constantly tied up with re-ordering goods and worrying about loss of stock.”

U-vend™ does not require the support of an IT team – the machine simply plugs into a power outlet and connects to WIFI. Furthermore, it uses less electricity than an energy-saving lamp, eliminates the requirement for purchase orders and reduces waste due to ensuring supplies are used responsibly.

Consumables Solutions is offering to cover the cost of U-vend™’s lease agreement for those customers who spend £25,000 a year with them. This would mean the client will not have to pay for the machine – adding up to yet more cost savings, as well as benefiting from the technological advances Consumables can offer.

Consumables Solutions is a leader and innovator in the development, management and implementation of supply chain solutions for workplace supplies. The company achieves tangible results for its clients by transforming and streamlining their supply chain and administration services, helping to add value by delivering managed and measurable changes in services, quality and efficiency.

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