Customised LED Displays, Signs & Screens That Meet Your Needs

Based in Hampshire, LEDsynergy electronic LED display and sign manufacturer has over 40 years’ experience in the sector and has enabled the business to secure itself as a principle frontrunner in LED production and customisation.  Approximately over 20,000 installations have been conducted in this time; an exceedingly impressive track record which marks the company’s great success and continued reliability.

The LEDsynergy team is incredibly proud of the fact that they design and develop all their products and software at their premises in Andover, Hampshire, manufacturing over 80% of their LED products on UK soil.  It was in recognition of this long-standing commitment to British industry that they have recently been accepted as a member of ‘Made in Britain’.

Producing signs for many esteemed brands, LEDsynergy has created both indoor and outdoor displays for a wide range of factions including financial tickers, highways & roads, factories, sports arenas, retail outlets, advertising & promotional businesses and those working in offices and medical centres.

“As an LED screen and display manufacturer we are able to offer a complete bespoke solution for your business,” explained Jeremy Harwood, Managing Director at LEDsynergy. “We communicate with our clients all the way through the process from concept to commissioning, offering you the most cost effective solution for your needs.

“We offer no-nonsense, good advice with great service and quality products. We want to please so we’ll take time to understand individual needs and build a system that meets certain requirements – this means that our customers receive a stunning solution at a cost effective price.”

The commitment to values has meant he’s had to ensure LEDsynergy’s supply chain is ethical and traceable, which made being UK manufacturer the logical choice.

If you want to find out more then get in touch with LEDsynergy today.

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