EcoCooling evaporative cooling and ventilation – the cost-effective way to cool your warehouse or factory.

With summer approaching, is your factory or warehouse safe from overheating?

EcoCooling offers a range of environmentally friendly and costs effective products as an alternative to refrigeration based cooling.

EcoCooling systems use cost effective evaporative cooling techniques which are a simple, safe and natural alternative to refrigeration. Utilising these systems can result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs.

EcoCooling’s revolutionary techniques have allowed significant advances in the simple evaporative cooling technique. With specialised equipment, our products can effectively and efficiently either spot cool machinery or blanket cool whole warehouses, or both!

EcoCooling systems are used to cool any type of factory or industrial warehouse, as seen in a recent case study for Cummins Diesel Engines. 36 down-discharge EcoCoolers are used to cool the warehouse containing important factory equipment as well as factory workers. The EcoCoolers are able to use natural ventilation when the outside ambient temperature is below 15C, any temperature above this and the systems enable evaporative cooling methods to cool the factory. Both cooling options provide natural, fresh air to the building and the workers, resulting in an increase of productivity due to more comfortable working conditions.

The largest external EcoCooler provides 18 000m3 of air flow per hour. In addition, EcoCoolers consistently keep temperatures at 24C and lower, year-round (including the hottest days of the year).

Compared to a traditional refrigeration system the estimated energy savings are expected to be around 90%. A single EcoCooler, rated at 35kW, can show carbon savings of up to 10,000kg per year and cost less than 15p per hour to run.

(Total approximate cost per 168-hour continuous working week – £22.18)

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