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Actify Centro is a fresh and completely new approach to traditional PDM & PLM offerings.  Connect the enterprise and make information viewable and available in one location.  Overcome the information discovery challenge and gain quick access to crucial information.

Manufacturing companies that develop new products rely on product data management (PDM) product lifecycle management (PLM) software to effectively manage projects. Cars, industrial equipment, electronics, medical devices, sports equipment – the right software tool can make any process more efficient.

Of course, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” data management solution that suits every type of business. The marketplace has created a large selection of products that are specialized to provide unique capabilities. Choosing the right tool is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

There are however a few essential features and capabilities that are imperative to having a successful software tool to manage your product data and make the design process more efficient:

  • Storing, tracking and managing project data
  • Product and data visualization
  • Supporting existing workflows
  • Enables collaborators to work concurrently, regardless of location
  • Offers multi-CAD data management
  • Offers comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) management
  • Securely store all product data using check-in/check out, history, search and user access controls
  • Manage and associate other product content, such as requirements document, product specifications, technical publications, simulation and test results, production plans, software builds, engineering calculations and 3D viewable files.

Actify Centro ticks all of these boxes.  Actify Centro is a fresh and completely new approach to traditional PDM & PLM offerings.  All the functionality you would expect; check-in/ check-out, file versioning, giving you the control and flexibility to suit your company’s unique processes.  Most importantly is that Actify Centro is document neutral.  Meaning it will manage any document type or popular CAD file format!  Centro’s powerful Web-based infrastructure helps organizations of any size manage product data and their design process more effectively. Centro is designed to help companies improve design reuse, broaden access to product information across departments, and ensure control over design versions and release processes.

About Actify:

Actify, Inc. provides product visualization software to the discrete manufacturing industry for more than 20 years overcoming the challenge of sharing and communicating engineering type documents across the extended enterprise or supply chain.  Actify understands product data, from the original designer’s product definition within engineering to disparate product data across a manufacturer’s extended enterprise.

Link: http://www.actify.com/promotion/pdm/


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