Electric chain hoist stops instantly

Liftket has developed the first electronically controlled chain hoist with quick stop function. The Star VFD stops without ramp-down immediately after the control button is released. Therefore, loads can be lifted or lowered to the desired level in one go. No longer is there a need for time-consuming stop-and-go, which today still is a common way to position loads with increased precision. The new series comprises hoists for loads from 125 to 2000 kg. With nominal speeds up to 36 m/min depending on the load, these chain hoists are much faster than comparable products on the market. Moving with no load, they can even be operated with up to 200 % of the nominal speed.

This also saves a lot of time in everyday operation, since typically half of all runs are empty runs. And even apart from that, hoists are mostly operated with partial load. The speed of a Star VFD can be increased accordingly when the nominal speed is not fully utilized. This standard series provides customers with cost-efficient, fast hoists for heavy use and large-volume applications.

Liftket ships individually configured chain hoists within 15 working days. The variable-frequency drive was specifically designed for this application in cooperation with a renowned international drive manufacturer. It is suitable for worldwide use. All hoist components are manufactured and fully tested at Liftket’s German headquarters.

Illustration: No time-consuming stop-and-go: the Liftket Star VFD stops at the correct height, without ramp-down

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