Eliminating Costly Process Downtime During Maintenance Schedules

–  Test-Tel™ is a non-invasive tool to check the status of a rupture disc device in situ –

To ensure all plant processes remain safe and continue to be efficient, a regular maintenance schedule is a key part of every site’s operation. While rupture disc devices are essentially low maintenance, they still form part of this schedule.

A traditional maintenance check for a rupture disc device requires the plant to be fully de-pressurised and for processes to be completely stopped, while each disc is removed from its holder and inspected. This system downtime is costing companies thousands in lost production during every maintenance check, particularly in lucrative industries like the Oil and Gas sector.

Significant time and cost savings are now being realised by Elfab customers through the use it’s low-cost, portable, ATEX-approved Test-Tel™ tool. Offering a simple and cost-effective means of checking the status of both the rupture disc and the associated burst detection system, this part of the maintenance schedule can be completed without having to shut down the entire process.

The Test-Tel™ tool can also be used to confirm correct installation of the rupture disc device and its associated detection system. By reducing the risks associated with a poorly fitted explosion protection system, Elfab’s lowest cost product could prove invaluable in terms of its contribution to plant safety.

To ensure best practice in your safety-critical plant environment, Elfab offers internal staff training and workshops on Rupture Disc Installation. Contact Elfab to find out more or go to www.elfab.com

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