Empteezy is the home of quality engineered spill containment and spill control products

Our overriding aim is to help you comply with legislation and implement best practice in connection with your oil and chemical storage needs, spill response programmes (including spill kits, emergency safety shower and tank shower applications) and waste handling projects.

With our products, tailored to meet the requirements of a variety of different working environments including industrial, commercial, military, marine and educational settings, we manufacture in excess of 70% of the products available in our portfolio in our own factories, making us well placed to provide you with expert advice on how our products can help you meet UK, EU and International standards relating to spill containment and spill control of most liquids.

Chemical Spill Kits

We offer a range of chemical spill kit options to allow you to respond to all eventualities. Our spill kit collection includes grab bag spill kits, truck spill kits, spill kits in mobile containers and even an OPA 90 compliant tanker spill kit. It is imperative that spill kits are replenished and regularly checked to ensure they are ready for use should an incident occur.

Kits should be located in the spill area and remote from it. A common mistake is to over-specify the size of kit required. It only needs to be appropriate to the spill potential and your spill plan should make provision to utilise kits from other areas in the event of a major incident. As an  example, if you have a spill from a 205ltr drum, you don’t need a 205ltr absorbent capacity spill kit as you are more than likely to roll the drum hole side up, or plug the hole in some way so the reality is that you might lose up to 40%. A spill kit of circa 90ltr capacity supported by other site kits would be more than adequate.

Spill Pallets

It goes without saying that your storage containers (bunded stores, spill pallets etc…) must be designed with environmental protection in mind. This means that the bund and any storage units or spill pallets must be able to contain at least 110% of the largest container or 25% of the total volume stored whichever is greater and you must check that they are compatible with the liquid you are storing.

We have a range of steel and polyethylene pallets designed to house a range of drums and IBCs of varying capacities. Our polyethylene is rotationally moulded in our UK factory from medium density polyethylene allowing for excellent chemical compatibility.

Our new galvanised steel pallet range comes with a 20 year guarantee and complies with current UK regulations. Steel manufactured units are often the solution or the safe storage of IBCs being used in a hostile or tough environment, for example a foundry where heat is an issue.

Additionally, we offer a range of hard covered spill pallets complete with roller shutter door, central lock and two handles for easy opening and closing. If you need to store drums outdoors, they provide an ideal, cost effective and secure way of keeping rainwater out of the sumps.

Drum Storage

Manufactured in our own UK factory our comprehensive range of secure bunded storage units is designed for use with both 205ltr drums and 1000ltr IBCs. Whether you are looking for oil storage, chemical storage, drum storage or IBC storage our secure bunded storage units are fully compliant with all the current UK regulations and the bunds are fully seam welded and fitted with base plinths to ensure the underside doesn’t come into direct contact with the ground. Furthermore we can manufacture in a range of materials and use “treatments” to ensure compatibility with a wide range of chemicals.

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED. If you can buy a comparable drum/IBC store cheaper elsewhere we promise to beat that price. All we require is proof in the form of a written quote or email offer from the other supplier.

This is only a small selection of the products on offer. Find out more on our website.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us which is why we aim to provide a complete service and develop long term relationships. We will always work with you to resolve any issues that are encountered in a timely and professional manner.

Empteezy is a ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited company. We us a vast array of experience we have amassed over the years to provide practical advice over the phone or by email, regular blogs on industry related topics, a web based advice centre and free of charge confidential site assessments with detailed follow up reports.

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