Engineers in every industry enhance processes where human interaction is needed and achieve better control with improved safety

Effective and essential communication is provided where equipment failure can lead to damage or personal injury with resultant criminal liability

Whether it is a conveyor or assembly track about to start or a machine without a safety guard in place, the potential for accidents in industry are endless.
Whilst there is a clear need to warn personnel of hazards or impending danger, the plethora of conventional warning sounders and flashing lights often causes confusion and any delay in response can be fatal.
The use of a verbal warning system can ensure that the precise nature of a situation is instantly communicated and an appropriate response is generated immediately. It really can mean the difference between life and death.wrenches 2

O.W.L. Electronic

Reproduced electronically, the human voice is readily understood, is calm in even the most stressful of situations and can give clear instructions that are readily obeyed.

Requiring only a low voltage supply and a means of switching, the system is flexible for use on machinery, vehicles such as forklifts, automatic doors, overhead cranes and entry to hazardous areas. Message triggering may be from a panic button, proximity sensor,
industrial process or plant movement, to name but a few.

The wording of the message may be tailored to the exact nature of each application and the system is easily incorporated into control panels or used as stand-alone units.

Typical warning messages may advise of:

● Machine fault
● Fork truck operating
● Overhead crane moving
● Chemical escape
● Automatic doors opening/closing

Or any bespoke message related to an individual process or location.

Software control can also be used to determine the appropriate message for each situation and to respond differently to multiple trigger inputs with message queueing or priority levels tailored to each installation.

Warning messages may also be reproduced in multiple languages for the sake of safety as well as “political correctness”.

The O.W.L. Group of companies has for many years been providing talking sounders around the world for both standard and bespoke applications.

The technology readily lends itself to large scale manufacturing for ready-made solutions but also allows engineers to have a system tailored to each of their individual processes and environment.

The system has been tested continuously under various operating conditions for many thousands of hours.

It provides a cost-effective enhancement that is both reliable in use and cheap enough to be affordable for every potential safety or security issue.

Sounders can easily be built into a control panel or encapsulated in a weatherproof loudspeaker for a freestanding location.

Whatever the application, engineers who know their own industry remain firmly in control.

Health and safety legislation places a duty of care on everyone in the workplace to ensure adequate precautions are taken to prevent accidents. Appropriate use of talking sounders can be used to demonstrate that adequacy.

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