Famatel UK Ltd

Established in 2013 Famatel UK Ltd is part of the Famatel SPA Group, We have 5 subsidiaries through out Europe and the US and supplying products all over the world.

Famatel are a manufacture of Enclosures and Enclosure systems combined with ,

Industrial power distribution products IEC 309 / BS4343 from 16a to 125a ,  24v- 414v  , 2P to 7 Pins , in IP44 and IP67

  • Appliance inlets ( Surface and Panel mounted)
  • Appliance outlets ( Surface and Panel mounted)
  • Panel Sockets
  • Plugs
  • RCD switched and unswitched sockets ( Wall mounted . Panel Mounted)
  • Trailing couplers
  • Sockets outlets (Panel mounted )
  • Switched Sockets ( Surface mounted )
  • Wall Sockets (Wall mounted)

We combine out enclosures and distribution products in to power Distribution systems, Custom made to our client needs and made in the UK.

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