Fibox is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide portfolio of durable, high-performance polycarbonate electrical enclosures. Our enclosures are found protecting vital electrical equipment in hundreds of thousands of applications throughout the world.

Fibox began in 1966 as part of Fiskars, one of the oldest and most respected companies in Finland. A management buyout thirty years ago meant that Fibox could focus on designing and developing innovative electrical enclosure products to protect and enhance electrical and electronic devices and equipment worldwide. The high quality and dependability of Fibox enclosures has been proven in harsh and demanding environments in all corners of the world for nearly sixty years.

Today, we continue to put design innovation at the forefront of everything we do. Our market focus is on key strategic areas where dependability, high ingress protection and high quality are necessary factors. Key markets for Fibox electrical enclosures include Machine Building, Monitoring & Data Logging, Process Control & Automation, Agricultural Technology, Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy.

Being Scandinavian, Fibox cares passionately about the natural environment, our polycarbonate enclosures are robust and provide sustainable solutions that are recyclable at their end of life.

Fibox offers the service of in-house customising which includes CNC machining, screen printing and assembly. This means that your orders can be completed quickly with consistent results.

Fibox and our distribution partners offer a market-leading range of innovative polycarbonate electrical enclosures, built to last but without costing the earth.

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