Flip-Chip Pressure Sensor Dies: You Can Do More with a Single Sensor Die

BCM SENSOR has recently released a newly developed flip-chip pressure sensor die for mass production. This flip-chip sensor die, model SE105, is based on piezoresistive working principle and is manufactured by 6” silicon micro-machining process.

Two structures of the sensor dies are designed, as shown below, for gauge and absolute pressure measurement respectively.

160405_Cross-section of SE105_BCM SENSORThanks to the unique manufacturing process, the flip-chip is realized at the SE105 pressure sensor die, resulting in the following advantages comparing to the conventional-structure of pressure sensor dies:

Both corrosive and conductive pressure medium can have direct contact with sensor dies;

  • Die bonding and wire bonding are simplified to one bonding process of flip-chip sensor dies;
  • Improved resistance to harsh environment.

160405_SE105 Wafer_BCM SENSOR

The SE105 flip-chip pressure sensor die also features an outstanding non-linearity of 0.2%fs and an excellent long-term stability of 0.1%fs/year.

For more details about SE105 flip-chip pressure sensor die, please visit BCM SENSOR website: http://www.bcmsensor.com/products/pressure-sensor-dies/model-se105-sensor-dies-for-flow-meter-application/


You can also contact us by email: sales@bcmsensor.com or by phone: +32-3-238 6469.

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